Eight Ways to Slow Down and De-Stress

By: van Orsouw 30-03-2020

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It is possible to become less stressed if you are following these eight things:

1. Do one thing at a time.
This statement was backed up by relevant research at the Stanford University. The researchers found that “multitaskers were terrible in all three experiments, worst of all the researchers found that when frequent multitaskers attempted to focus on a single task, they used their brains less effectively than non-frequent multitaskers.” Instead of stressing yourself with many things at the same time, focus and finish one thing first, and then move to the next task.

2. Double the estimate of how long anything will take.
Underestimation of the time needed to complete a task brings you unnecessary stress to your life. Instead, you can double the time needed for task completion. For example, if you plan to spend 30 minutes editing an article you just wrote, extend that to an hour, so that you are not rushing to meet that deadline, and increasing your stress without any added benefit. This also helps to minimise mistakes.

3. Stop being late.
If you really want to stop being late, prepare for the next day by getting ready the night before, like packing your lunch or laying out your clothes. Get a head start by waking up earlier to reduce the undue stress that worry and rushing can cause. A study was conducted that asked about 10 billionaires some of their habits; every one of them said they laid out their clothes the night before. Is it possible there is a correlation in just one stress reducer and wealth?

4. Go for a short walk and get some fresh air.
When things are getting really stressful, take five to ten minutes to take a walk and clear your mind.A short walk does wonders. It gives you something new to look at and it gets your body moving.”

5. Take the scenic route.
Instead of taking the fastest route from A to B, why not take the longer, maybe more scenic route, the longer bus route? In other words, do not run. Walk. And enjoy that walk while you are at it.

6. Enjoy the silence.
Silence can mean different things to different people. The early hours of the morning, the serenity of the countryside, the few moments after you turn off the motor of your car, or even the simplicity of a clean and tidy room. Do your best to seek out this kind of silence, at least once a day. You deserve it.”

7. Just breathe.
Yep. It is that simple. Breathing can reduce everything from anxiety, stress and blood pressure. Make sure that you are breathing properly by doing so in a way that “is physiologically optimal for your body”—stay relaxed, rhythmically, silently breathing in through your nose and deep into your diaphragm.

8. Achieve work-life balance.
Working too much is not just stressful, it can be detrimental to your overall health. But how can you achieve a work-life balance?

These are some suggestions:
• Prepare for the upcoming week.
• Take vacations.
• Celebrate each holiday.
• Disconnect for a while.
• Designate specific work hours.
• Implement the Pareto Principle, also known as 80/20 rule.
• Automate as much as you can.

Source: Enterprepreneur.com