Considerations to Make Before Working at a Startup

By: Together Abroad 16-03-2017

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The startup community in the Netherlands has been growing continuously for the past few years and has become extremely well-known. It has become so prominent that the country is now giving out new visas allowing entrepreneurs to pursue their young companies in an effort to make The Netherlands, Europe’s best startup location. Working for a startup can either be the best opportunity or the worst nightmare for an employee, depending on personality and goals.

There are advantages for seeking out employment with companies like this. While, salary might not look as nice as it does at the larger corporations, perks at startup companies are usually abundant. Small companies usually offer work from home days, free lunches, and/or stock options in lieu of a large salary package. Additionally, the small workforce of a startup means more opportunity to shine, especially if you are new. You will not find fifteen other marketing associates all vying for the same project. As a new employee, you can walk in and take over projects that may not even be in your department. If you value flexibility and opportunity, a startup may be the best type of company for you.

With advantages, of course come disadvantages. To go along with those extra perks are usually lower pay, limited financial benefits, and longer hours. A startup company will not have the capital to pay a large amount of employees what they might receive at a corporate establishment. Additionally, startups mean an unstable environment. There is always a chance that they are unsuccessful and will end with a need to dissolve the company. A small workforce means more pressure on one person rather than a spread to multiple employees in a department.

Some successful startups that call the Netherlands home are WeTransfer, a file transfer platform, TravelBird with discount travel packages, and Fitmo, a personal trainer fitness app soon to call Apple Watch home. Most of these startups have gone through accelerators to pitch their ideas and get funding. These are the perfect places to look for potential new startup employers. Rockstart, Startupbootcamp, and AngelList are all platforms helping both startups as well as job seekers find each other for the benefit of all.

Startups are full of passionate people who love what they stand behind, and if this is the kind of environment that sounds appealing, a startup might be for you. This may not be the case if you are looking for a good work-life balance. Whether starting a new company or wanting to work for one, the Netherlands is home to some of the best, and is the perfect place to nurture a company like a startup.

Ashley Herbert