Redundant Phrases on your CV or LinkedIn Will Get You Nowhere

By: van Orsouw 06-06-2020

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People searching for a job are not very creative when it comes to completing their LinkedIn account. Strange, because they describe themselves as specialized and focused.And there itimmediately goes wrong: for almost everyone. The site with business profiles published its annual list of most frequently used words with which users define themselves.

According to LinkedIn this shows the difficulty of making a ‘significant profile’. Many people use standard terms, resulting in the following top ten empty phrases: specialized, leadership, focused, strategic, experienced, passionate, expert, creative, innovative, and certified.

‘People find it difficult to distinguish themselves from others’, according to Anoek Eckhardt, PR Manager at LinkedIn. The difference cannot naturally be done by using exactly the same words as the rest of the Netherlands. ‘As a recruiter you cannot do anything with it’,explains Eckhardt.

Numbers Are Magic

‘Recruiters want to know what you are capable of, so explain as specifically as possible what you achieved to each buzz word used’, agrees career coach Aaltje Vincent. It is smart to use words from the job you seek. Namely, the recruiters are searching that as well, but then show that you too can live up to it. ‘Say specifically what distinguishes you over your competitors’, advises Vincent. ‘And use concrete rates or profit figures: numbers are magic’.

The most important tip for a good LinkedIn profile for Vincent: ‘Show your skills as concretely as possible’. According to her, it can even be annoying when an expert does not have enough information about him/herself and their work on the profile.In a possible job application, a prospective employer will probably invite a competitor with similar experience when he or she does have its profile in order.