How to Have Fun at the Workplace

By: Barbara Haenen 18-04-2016

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Professionalism is important. Managing your responsibilities carefully, thoughtfully and seriously are as well. Although it may seem contradictory, an aspect of performing well at your workplace is knowing how to have fun there. You are likely to find motivation by making the workplace an environment you enjoy working in. The best way to do so is to involve certain things into your daily or weekly routine.

Ignoring the Workplace

It can become challenging to work continuously throughout the day, every day, and always maintain the same level of productivity. Working in a few brief breaks into your daily schedule can have positive effects. Your breaks should be active, in the sense that you actually remove yourself from the work you were carrying out. Do not, therefore, take breaks while remaining behind your desk and, by extension, remain focused on your work. Particularly if you notice you are becoming stuck, or your working pace is slowing down considerably, leaving your desk is a good idea. Continuously attempting to complete your tasks when it is not going well is likely a sign that you need to distance yourself those tasks.

Going for a walk, in such cases, can be very refreshing. Leaving the office clears your mind, which in turn allows new thoughts to appear. It can also be energizing. On some occasions, spending a little time outside of the workplace can make you more motivated to get something done when you return back. You can make these breaks fun by involving a fun activity. Such as having a cup of tea, or some candy, if you are not worried about cavities. When you achieve a big task, complete an important project, or achieve a goal that held personal significance for you, it is also time to take a brief breakā€”to celebrate the occasion. Knowing you will take a moment to praise yourself when you perform well will motivate you to achieve your next goal.

Naturally, break times should not interfere to too great an extent with the time you spend working. As such, you will need to trust yourself not to overdo it.

Interacting with Your Surroundings

Breaks are likely to be innately fun. When you are at your desk or in your cubicle, however, there are also steps you can take to stay happy.

Decorate the area in which you work, in so far as that is possible. Simple ways of doing so is by hanging up pictures, or a poster. You might want to place flowers on your desk. Visually stimulating images can have a positive effect on the mind or mood. You are less likely to feel trapped in the office, as you are creating a more homely atmosphere.

Do take time to interact with your coworkers. In some jobs, interaction and cooperation may be naturally built in with your daily responsibilities. If this is not the case, put in more effort to check in with the people you share an office with. You will then be able to turn to them for support. Open communication can make the workplace a more enjoyable, less stressful environment. Looking forward to seeing your coworkers provides an extra motivation to get to work in the morning.

Your job should be enjoyable to you. Sometimes getting too caught up in your responsibilities can become counterproductive, so taking these steps to have fun in the workplace can help you perform better.

By: Barbara Haenen