The three biggest mistakes every recruiter makes

By: Together Abroad 30-11-2015

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You're probably doing an okay job, finding good candidates here and there, having nice interviews, filling some vacancies. But I know that in many cases and like in every other job, recruiters can make mistakes - often the following three.

  1. Mismanagement of time
    I'm not only saying that, because I'm German. Time matters!
    Not only recruiters experience it as unprofessional, when a candidate is late for a job interview. This also works the other way round. Respect your candidates - don't let them wait and stick to the agreed times. I know about a company, who lost great candidates because of that.
    Recruitment is a fast business! Don't make the mistake to postpone contacting applicants, to make interview appointments too far ahead or to let them start working too late. While waiting for you, the candidates might already find other opportunities and lose interest in your position.
    Regardless of this speed that you need when catching the good candidates, you should not always rush. When looking at someone's CV, for example, make sure you find a good balance between quickly making up your mind and not missing out on top candidates because of a poor first impression.
  2. Disorganised shooting in the dark
    Time is precious in recruitment, that's for sure. Filling vacancies quickly is great, but often the quality of the work suffers. Before you start looking for people for a new position, give yourself a moment and take a step back.
    Who exactly are you looking for? What kind of people would be a fit to the corporate culture? What requirements does the position have? Which ones are the most essential ones? Where and how do I find suitable candidates for my role?
    You should know the answers to all those questions, before you start to look and hunt for good candidates. Obviously, this massively increases your chances for finding a top candidate quickly rather than having an immediate start, but shooting in the dark!
  3. Ignoring the power of relationships
    You are a fantastic interviewer? Great! You have a feeling for what you need to focus on in your candidate search? Even better! However, one thing is important if you want stay successful on the long term - relationship management.
    Many recruiters naturally build and keep good relationships with the candidates they are in touch with. However, I know some, who only focus on the candidates, that are currently interesting for their open positions. Big mistake! By keeping contact to candidates with high potential, although they don't fit to the current vacancies, you already have your foot in the door, when it comes to respective openings in the future.

The key to success is also to maintain a good relationship with applicants you cannot use. Negative information spreads quickly and with a bad reputation you cannot even convince the most desperate candidate with the best job offer in the world. You might miss out on fantastic new employees in the end. Better take a minute more and be nice and professional.