Elevator pitch

By: Together Abroad 31-08-2015

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Albert Einstein once said „If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”. I believe that an elevator pitch shows just that. How good you know yourself/ your business and what you want. Simple. To the point. No one wants to hire or do business with someone who can’t explain themselves simply. Better said, no one wants to hire or do business with someone who doesn’t know what they are all about or what they want. No one wants someone who has a poor elevator pitch.

An elevator pitch is a short introduction of yourself or your business. It should be to the point and no longer than 30 seconds. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your elevator pitch:

1.Keep it short

The idea of an elevator pitch is not to tell your entire story and everything what you are doing. It has to be engaging and raise curiosity among your audience. It gives a glimpse of who you are or what your business is doing. Don’t just say your position or the field you are working in. Tell what makes you different, you unique selling point. The main question your elevator pitch should answer is “What do I want my audience to remember about me the most?” So cut down the rest and keep it short.

2. Keep it simple

Do not use specific terms that cannot be understood by everyone. You never know who your audience might be so make sure your elevator pitch is easily understood by everyone. Some experts’ advice is to change your elevator pitch depending on the audience, but if you feel like you cannot memorize well more than one, stick to a general one. It is better to know one very good than more but poorly.

3. Keep it clear

You must have a goal. It can be the position you are looking for in your next job or the next step that you company will take. No matter what it is make sure it is clearly stated , an elevator pitch should not be aimless.

4. Feedback

Ask for feedback! Practice your elevator pitch in front your family and friends and ask them for feedback! The larger the audience the better, also if they have different backgrounds it is a huge plus for you. You never know from which field your audience will be in the end and you have to make your elevator pitch accessible to a broad audience.

5. Practice

Practice makes perfect, so after you have your pitch make sure you practice it! Say it out loud so you can hear yourself and practice till it sounds natural. Get comfortable with your elevator pitch!

By: Letitia Tudor