Interview with Shimi Goossen – Senior International Recruitment Consultant at Madison Parker International BV

By: van Orsouw 30-04-2018

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Dear Shimi,

Tell us about your function at Madison Parker job agency?

I am a senior international recruiter, end-to-end responsible for the external global resourcing of candidates for different types of clients who are mostly active in the following industries; supply chain, pharma, engineering, food and agriculture. They're spread across the globe. 

What is the motivational driving force in your job?
Working as a Senior Recruiter at Madison Parker, I am constantly engaged in finding (inter)national talent. In my role, I also act as a business partner and advise my Clients in their staffing needs by building and maintaining a good relationship and business knowledge. I also insist on seeing my candidates face-to-face which is important to determine if there is a cultural fit. This is the only way you can manage the process, and this is my driving force. 

Describe your perfect day on the job.
When I am making people happy! People are very grateful when you find them the job of their dreams. My clients are also giving me a lot of rewards and gratitude when I can manage to deliver the perfect candidate.

How is the Netherlands job market doing and what are the implications for current job seekers?
The number of jobs in the Netherlands has risen steadily for the past four years. The following industries; IT, transport and logistics sectors faced the largest shortages of staff. This is becoming a very challenging problem so as a recruiter you need to stay in very close contact with your network.

Job seekers need to know where they want to live because there is a huge difference between Amsterdam and Rotterdam. For example, in Amsterdam, there is a lot of competition because many people are chasing the same jobs. In Rotterdam, it’s very hard to find logistics staff despite the large port location, especially when companies need high potentials with a Bachelors’ Degree. In Eindhoven, companies mostly need technological and IT staff. 

What tips would you offer candidates applying for a position at Madison Parker?
Before you apply to a role, please make sure you have an idea of the type of job you want and if you meet the requirements. There are a lot of English speaking jobs in the Netherlands but also many people who are applying for these roles, so lots of competition. If you have another language like French or German, you will become more desirable to potential employers. Also, a lot of jobs in the Netherlands require Dutch language skills so try to learn the language as soon as possible when you’re here. It will be a good investment in your time and will pay dividends in the long run. 

What words of advice can you leave with our readers who might be seeking for a new job opportunity in The Netherlands?
Finding a job in The Netherlands isn't always easy, especially as a foreign national, so if you contact a recruitment agency they can give you advice about salaries, contracts and working conditions. Good recruiters look beyond a CV and they see positive details from their interactions with their applicants. Based on this, they can also see if there would be a possible fit at one of their customers and they stay in touch for future openings.

Thanks Shimi for this interview