Bilingual language policy proposals for primary schools

By: Together Abroad 14-04-2015

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The Dutch political party, Democraten 66 (D66) wants primary schools to obtain more freedom in giving English, German or French lessons. This initiative is to help reduce unemployment rates in border areas such as in Groningen.

According to, research indicates that Dutch companies located in border regions struggle with the low German language proficiency in their employees. There are many opportunities for people to work across the border. For instance, the unemployment rate in East Groningen is at approximately 15% while the area across the border counts only half.

Paul van Meenen, who made this proposition, said: “We see plenty of opportunities for young people and our companies here. People can make a good living across the border if they master a certain language. The best way to start learning a language is at young age.”

In D66’s proposition, schools and parents jointly choose a European language to be applied for a maximum of half of the lessons.

By C. Maiko Schnelle