7 tips for more self-confidence

By: van Orsouw 12-07-2021

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Everyone has a little voice in his or her head. A voice that can say nice and unkind things. Sometimes it helps you but unfortunately it can also undermine you. How do you make sure you keep saying the right things to yourself? What habits make you more confident? How can you easily and in a fun way increase your self-confidence? Great questions with 7 great answers....

1. Compare yourself to yourself
Why compare yourself to someone else? No one in the whole world can be better you than you are yourself. When you don't compare yourself to anyone else, you become who you are. Then you make sure to focus on the best and the most beautiful in yourself.

So make it a priority to follow your own development and keep improving yourself. When you notice that you are growing, your worries will naturally diminish.

Michael Jordan, the best basketball player of all time, often said that he trained so much to beat himself. To become better himself. A wonderful approach. So compare yourself to yourself and discover the opportunities to grow further. There are plenty of them!


2. Be kinder to others
When you are kinder to others, you will look at yourself differently. And then, in your mind, give yourself pats on the back for your own behavior. Appreciate your own good deeds.

The kinder you are to yourself, the easier it is to appreciate it. And an additional (big) advantage is that you often get kindness back in the long run. Win-win, in other words.

If you give another person a compliment, the other person is much more willing to also name the beautiful in you.

3. If you make a mistake, be your own best friend
This is so important. Change your perspective. When you make a mistake, think about what your best friend would say to you. What would they advise you to do? Listen to this.

Talk to yourself in the way the other person would help you. Give yourself the pep talk you would give others. It helps you to be able to look at your mistakes with more acceptance.

Mistakes are at least proof that you are trying something new. And in the mistakes often lie the greatest opportunities for growth.

4. Let go of perfectionism
Perfectionism blocks progress. The fear that something will not go perfectly, makes you take action late. The fear that something will not go perfectly, makes you hesitate constantly.

A fine way to let go of perfectionism is to look less far ahead. Follow your heart and take small steps. Each small step forward gives all your self-confidence. See your development as a process.

Step by step. Establish for yourself that you are on the right track. Therefore, focus on the effort you are making. In the end, it is always the effort that produces results.

5. Celebrate your successes
more self-confidence. Regularly dwell on the successes you achieve. At the things that went well because of your efforts. At the beautiful things you can be grateful for. That is so valuable.

Celebrate what you do well and share it with people who are happy for you. By celebrating your successes, you become more and more convinced of your own qualities, your positive attributes, your own contribution and your own growth. That will help you further.

6. Say the right things to yourself
Make frequent use of affirmations. These are short, powerful sentences that increase your self-confidence. Think of a positive self-exclamation and write it down. Repeat it to yourself several times in a day. The more often, the better. Just keep repeating it.

Anything you say to yourself often becomes a belief. Therefore, create positive beliefs and say the right things to yourself. A crucial step in your development.

7. Think about why your self-confidence is so important to you:
- Life becomes a lot easier. You see less bears on the road. That's nice.
- Less and less you will look for acceptance and appreciation from others. You do not need it anymore. Wow!
- The little voice in your head will not knock you down as often. Delightful.

How others look at you:
- Others like to relate to you. After all, you're easy to get along with. Another win-win.
- When your environment step by step gains more confidence in you, it will further strengthen the belief in your own abilities.

More freedom, guts and conviction:
- You will more easily choose what you want. You have more courage and you feel freer.
- Because you increasingly believe in yourself, achieving what you want is easier. Your beliefs have a great impact on where you end up. As a result, you realize what you want more easily.

What wonderful reasons. The more you work on your self-confidence, the belief in yourself and in your own possibilities, the more beautiful your life becomes and the easier it is to become successful. A powerful development.

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