Top 5 Annoyances for Recruiters

By: Annelies Graafland-van der Zanden 15-02-2016

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Helping people! Helping people make great careers. Helping people find a place where they can be happy to work matters. People help determine direction in their careers, coaching people to set targets and achieve. And, of course, a nice conversation. You have to make work fun.

It's simple for me to appoint my job as a recruiter as the best job in the world. Nothing is better than to make someone happy. Nothing is better than making the perfect match and to make sure that someone has, not only a short-term but also a long-term view on their dream career.

Candidates are also seeking this, right?

Sometimes it feels like I'm standing here, as a recruiter, fully assuming atmosphere. Candidates do actually want their dream job? Do candidates really want to make a career? Will the candidate be truly happy in a new job?

Here you are in despair, after an interview or after going through an application. This is a candidate who is actually applying for what they wants? Why can I not find a phone number? Why doesn't their CV seem to add up. Why don't the dates fit together, and what a strange definition of work? The candidate has not called me. Does the candidate know what they are applying for? Often, recruiters have no idea. So we reject.

Darn it. Such reactions really cost a lot of time. And no, this is not what what makes my work so much fun. Rejecting Candidates is never a hobby for any recruiter. Really! Never!
And so, the candidate receives a rejection and perhaps they're very disappointed. Increase your chances of winning that dream job by avoiding these annoyances.

Annoyance 1: No contact information
Sometimes, this is incredible to me. Someone applying and soliciting for a job, and outside of an email address, there are no contact details.
No phone number, nothing. Nope, nada, niks.
Most recruiters do not send e-mail if they are interested in a candidate. Calling a candidate is always faster, and also accelerates the process. Fine for the customer, and fine for the candidate. You will not really face mass calls by call centers if you make your telephone number known to a recruiter. That's a promise! So, is it too difficult to reach the candidate?

Annoyance 2: Illegible CV
Amazing. A resume in comic sans, chronologically and also completely stuffed on one A4! Believe me, recruiters tend to be, overall, people who have to work quickly. If an average job vancancy gets more than 30 responses, then you have to work for everyone with a quick response. A resume that is not readable and gives no clear idea of who you are and what you can do is disappointing. And when a recruiter is faced with disappointment?

Annoyance 3: Motivation that does not fit
Here is the motivation of a candidate to the post of Assistant Controller:
“I am particularly interested in the position of Financial Manager. My strengths in the field of coaching and leadership combined with a natural innate leadership ensures that I will carry out this role. I am also numerically strong.”
What do you think? Rejected.

Annoyance 4: Awaiting attitude
Nice resume. Great motivation. This candidate seems to know what it is about and seems properly connected to the function. The soft skills appointed to the motivation? Nice! Time to tryv direct calling! No response the first day, so left a voicemail message. Next day, Call another time, and another voicemail. Okay, let's also send an email. Day four: no comment. Rejected!

Annoyance 5: Unprepared
Everything is right on the motivation and the CV. Yes, this candidate, I'm going to call directly.

'Hello, Annelies from Yacht.'
'Hello? Who are you?'
'This is Annelies, from Yacht? You applied for the position of Assistant Controller.'
'What function was that again?'
'The feature that you commented on via the website?'
'Can you tell me more? I don't remember.'

In short, you now know what really annoys my colleagues and I. Try to avoid these annoyances, and it can help everyone. Because, as I said, the best thing about my job is to help people find their dream job!

 By: Annelies Graafland-van der Zanden
      Senior Recruitment Consultant Finance