Retaining young talent

By: van Orsouw 25-01-2022

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Retaining young talent

Flexible and hybrid working; no longer just a thing for young talent, but also for existing talent in organisations. It is now more and more in demand by all generations in the workplace, but for the younger generation the desire for flexible working is the strongest.

As an employer, you have to make policy on how to deal with the different generational wishes within your company, precisely in order to attract and retain talent. Today's young people have grown up in the digital age and, for example, working online is much more normal for this generation. I can see this in my 12-year-old daughter. She has just started secondary school and playdates are now a thing of the past. Communication takes place online and when I point out how we used to go to friends' houses without a mobile phone, she looks at me in amazement. Because then you sometimes visit someone for nothing!

Different generations
A generation consists of peers who are connected by a shared life history, circumstances and perception of the zeitgeist. A new generation is born approximately every 15 years. This group of people share the same social experience, which causes them to show similarities in attitude and behaviour.

At the moment we know the following generations:


Generational management in the workplace
There will always be different generations on the work floor. Not everyone is in the same age phase and has the same views on work. For example, a young person in his twenties may prefer to work from the coffee shop and the young mother has a need for flexible working hours in order to maintain a work-life balance. That is why generation management (policy and leadership geared to the generation and stage of life of the employees) is so important.

If you want to be (and remain) an attractive employer, you will have to adapt to the different generations and life phases in your company.

If, as an employer, you set up generation management well, you will certainly reap the benefits. Employees will feel that their needs are being listened to, you will create an inclusive culture, you will be a more attractive employer and it will improve communication and cooperation.