BioClin is looking for a passionate copywriter (28-40 hours)

Description BioClin is looking for a passionate copywriter (28-40 hours)

We are looking for a (near) native English copywriter, an accomplished all-rounder who is available for writing and editing offline and online content for every type of print and electronic media and for a diverse audience. Your audience will consist out of customers (most women), distributors and Health Care Professionals like medical doctors, midwives, nutritionists etc.

Within BioClin you are responsible for a variety of copywriting activities. From creating campaign concepts to copywriting websites, from developing editorial articles to editing newsletters, and everything in between.

  • Your work is suitable for websites (good for SEO), brochures, direct marketing, advertisements, editorial articles and much more.
  • You are responsible for commercially attractive and effective text in English, for developing creative concepts and writing inspiring rationales.
  • You will also write the packaging text of all our products and you will be responsible for all our writing for health care professionals.

We like to share stories and we want the world to show what we are up to. The copywriter is responsible for sharing and showing our stories in our magazine but also through other channels to let the crowd be involved.

Requirements BioClin is looking for a passionate copywriter (28-40 hours)

What are the requirements:

  • You combine analytical thinking with audience awareness and creative talent to deliver content in the most compelling way.
  • You are passionate about text and you work with heart and soul on every project, big or small, to make our customers, health care professional and distribution partners happy with appealing texts.
  • You are higher educated (Bachelor/Master) and you have, for example, a background in Marketing, Journalism, Communication or Consumer Psychology.
  • You have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in a similar position in an international setting, preferably immersed in a healthcare environment.
  • You are fluent and flawless in English both in writing and speaking, Dutch would be nice. Preference for an English native.

Company profile

BioClin, who are we?

We are experts in women’s health. We started our company in 1989. Since then, we have helped millions of women take control of their health with our innovative and highly effective selfcare products. Our product range vary from products based on a patented natural ingredient which provide direct relief while they treat and prevent the common problems and discomforts caused by a disturbed microbiota to products which formulas are based on active plant ingredients combined with vitamins and minerals that powerfully enhance each other’s effect. We develop, produce and substantiate these products ourselves.
We approach the market in two ways, we work closely with companies (distributors) specialized in marketing and distribution in particular pharmacy and drugstore in almost 60 countries and we have a direct marketing strategy where we approach the market through and with peers and professionals.

At BioClin we are committed and our identity is defined by 5 key principles that drive everything we do:

  • We develop and manufacture products with which we help to make the world a better place;
  • We are so convinced of the quality and usefulness of our products that we use them ourselves and heartily recommend them to friends and family;
  • We believe in fair partnerships and work with friendship and respect;
  • For true sustainability, we have the best of both worlds; economically attractive products with significant environmental benefits;
  • We work together from the vision of Growing & Flourishing. In general we spend a lot of time with each other at work and we are committed to have it to huge sense and grow together.

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BioClin is looking for a passionate copywriter (28-40 hours)
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  • English
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  • Medical and Health Care