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Description Corporate Counsel


Identify risks and develop ad provide relevant solution render legal advice to client organizations to ensure compliance and that legal risks are managed in line with the company relevant standards, policies, and guidelines.

General Profile P3

  • Requires knowledge and experience
  • Uses best practices and knowledge of internal or external business issues to improve products or services
  • Solve complex problems; takes a new perspective using existing solutions
  • Works independently, receives minimal guidance and seeks guidance as appropriate
  • Acts as resource for colleagues with less experience.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop solutions for legal issues and prepare legal opinions and advice
  • Assist the Chief Counsel in examining the law and facts pertinent to legal problems
  • Communicate with SAO organizations and internal customers
  • Provide legal support to the company and to their foreign offices
  • Review and advise the Chief Counsel and operating organizations of legal documents, opinions, corporate policies and procedures, corporate rights and obligations, claims and litigations, contracts and agreements, and statutory or similar requirement
  • Collect relevant evidence and information, recommend solutions and communicate with all parties involved
  • Perform other miscellaneous duties as directed by Chief Counsel or senior members of business unit/function.
  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive information and exercise sound judgement



Occasionally with SAO Law Department

Occasionally with SAO Representatives from non-law Department Areas

Occasionally with external law firms and other outside advisors


Regularly with Chief Counsel

Occasionally with senior business unit/function members

Occasionally with the company Management


  • Law degree from a recognized accredited institution and qualified to practice law in a recognized acceptable jurisdiction
  • Excellent English skills, both written and verbally. Proficiency in another language which conducts significant operations is a plus
  • 5-7 years of professional experience in an in-house legal department or within a law firm. Advanced qualification(s) or other work experience may be considered to contribute as work experience

Required Competency levels


Delivering Information and Assistance

  • Offers appropriate assistance and support to colleagues, (direct reports), and superiors within own area of expertise, without waiting to be asked; participates in cross-functional teams.
  • Communicates within and across teams to break down barriers and achieve team goals and leads tasks when necessary. Building/Maintaining Relationships and Fostering Cooperation
  • Works collaboratively with all team members to integrate individual perspective; provides encouragement and acknowledgement of others’ contributions and inputs.

Networking and Relationship Management

Seeking and Developing Relationships

  • Grows relationships with key organizational influencers and customers by building credibility and trust; leverages appropriate networking opportunities and/or professional organizations to extend networks.
  • Maintaining relationships
  • Gains the trust and respect of others; builds and maintains relationships an is easily approachable within and across teams.
  • Collaborates with others across network of internal and external contacts to achieve goals across teams.


Addressing gaps in Work

  • Continuously reviews personal (and team) results against desired standards and takes corrective action to ensure success.
  • Consistently display an outstanding degree of involvement and engagement which inspires others.
  • Proactively takes on additional assignments to stretch own capabilities and contributes to overall team performance levels.


Taking Responsibility and Ownership

  • Is aware of own responsibilities while maintaining a high level of cooperation.

Driving and Delivering Results

  • Measures and tracks own performance against both personal and team goal and encourages team members to contribute to achieving the goals.
  • Openly manages other’s expectations when completion of tasks is not possible or delayed.

Knowing the business

Understands Operational and Financial Factors

  • Seeks and strives to obtain understanding of the business as a system and how all the function interconnect.
  • Seeks and strives to apply knowledge of the organization’s objectives/service offerings to deliver on department goals.
  • Evaluate existing matters and practices and the potential impact of current business challenges on the company’s success.

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