French speaking Live Chat Agent at LiveChat Pro | Working from home is also possible

Description French speaking Live Chat Agent at LiveChat Pro | Working from home is also possible

Why the Chat Agent is so important
The Chat Agents form the frontline of our core product and ensure the continued success and growth of the company. We are looking for a Chat Agent who generates leads for our clients' sales departments and for our own business through online chat. The candidate is able to communicate with all prospects in a professional manner and to build a relationship. Any eligible chat will be forwarded to the client. This role is crucial for setting the tone in creating a fanatic sales experience. Ideally, Chat Agents are strong in fast thinking and multitasking and highly responsible individuals who are proud of their work and share our great passion for exceptional customer service.

About the work
You take the lead, so the salespeople of our clients only need to close the deal. In this varied and versatile function, you are responsible for answering various customer questions about our clients' products and services by chat, but especially creating interest with the visitor for the purpose that they leave contact information with us. After extensive training, you will have content knowledge about the various products and services offered by our clients. You can have up to 3 chat conversations at the same time as well as consult various systems and programs to answer the customer’s question as well and as quickly as possible and enter contact information of your leads. In the first 3 months you will be trained on various skills so that you can perform your work well.

So… you work online when visitors visit our clients’ websites. That can be during the day, but especially in the evenings and in the weekend. The working hours are between 7 in the morning and 1 o'clock in the night, Monday to Sunday, and are flexible. You work at least 25 hours a week. Flexibility and online work (especially at home) is the charm of this job. You must be able to work during the first weeks during office hours due to paid training and the induction period. It is a job for the longer term, so you must be available for a minimum of 12 months. This job is ideal for just graduates and starters, but is also great for intelligent students, mothers with commercial skills, communicative housewives and enthusiastic 50-plus!

Your duties and responsibilities
• Works under the leadership of a team leader to deliver results in the field of lead generation
• Serves small and large companies based on complexity and service level
• Qualifies leads through online chats
• Must adhere to qualification guidelines
• Is considered to generate a minimum number of leads each month (your monthly target)
• Participates to all required training at our office or at the client’s premises

Every day you will be busy with:
• Live chatting with a variety of customers - answering questions, but mainly generating leads
• Emailing leads generated via live chat to clients or entering leads into their CRM systems
• Updating the knowledge base with the most current customer information

Requirements French speaking Live Chat Agent at LiveChat Pro | Working from home is also possible

We are proud of our Live Chat Agents because they are outstanding modern, versatile cloudworkers. They have the following skills:

• Excellent "personal" communication skills with a strong commercial mentality
• Over 300 strokes per minute, blind typing with a precision of at least 95% faultless strokes
• Can multi-task very well, regularly have multiple chats simultaneously
• Proven track record of excellent presence and punctuality
• Excellent spelling and grammar of French language (we test this at the office)
• Being multilingual and thus being able to chat to foreign visitors as well
• Passion for providing exceptional customer service
• Being able to thrive in situations under high pressure
• Able to work towards a monthly goal
• Strong proven experience with internet and multiple software applications in the cloud
• Confidentiality in dealing with sensitive information (you must sign a confidentiality statement)
• Be strong at working independently and motivating yourself (working from home)
• Access to a workspace at home with high speed internet connection
• Extremely flexible
• You are available for at least one year
• You have a Bachelor's degree or equivalent

Company profile

What do we do?

For our clients, we welcome all of their website visitors proactively and ask them if we can help them find the right information. Via live chat you support the visitors with their searches, choices and decisions. Through professional live chats we generate quality leads to clients. Our clients are automotive, real estate brokers, IT companies, industrial companies, webshops, travel agencies and educational institutions. By outsourcing live chat, our clients can focus on their core business.

Offer French speaking Live Chat Agent at LiveChat Pro | Working from home is also possible

What do we offer?
For our Chat Agents everything has been organised::
• The ability to work from home
• Your own Mac computer with two large monitors (also at home)
• Paid telephone expenses
• You receive extensive training and further support on the job by experienced chat agents and team leaders. We would like to invest in talent that wants to perform and continue to develop!
• The ability to gain a lot of knowledge and experience in a wide variety of companies.
• Growth opportunities already after one year (for example, team leader, customer success manager or marketer)!
• Good earnings of € 10.00 gross per working hour, excluding compensation for annual leave and ‘vakantiegeld’. Plus a bonus scheme for each lead you generate and the quality of your work (after 3 months in service).
• Paid travel expenses for compulsory activities (team meetings, training, etc.).
• We offer self-plannable working hours (flexible between 7am - 1am hours from Monday to Sunday). Super flexible! A minimum of 25 hours a week for a minimum of one year is required.
• A lot of ‘gezelligheid’.
• A little party every quarter.

Amsterdam/Amstelveen (or from home)

How to apply

Are you ready to prove yourself, and, after a year, do you want to make a second career move at LiveChat Pro? No problem, because LiveChat Pro is a fast-growing company that invests heavily in its employees. Are you excited and do you see it as a challenge to strengthen our team? Then respond immediately!

We will test candidates for the following skills:
• Typing speed
• Mastering the French language
• Mastering any other languages
• Business online etiquette

The procedure consists of the following steps:

• Send your resume and a screenshot of the results of the type test (test your typing speed here in French).
Answer the following five questions and send everything to:

1. Tell in your own words what you know about our company and our industry?
2. Why is what we do so important for our customers?
3. What is your favourite aspect of our business, and why?
4. Which job is the worst nightmare for you, and why?
5. What does great customer service mean to you?
• Job interview via live chat
• Job interview at the office with the team leader
• Language test
• Reference check

Acquisition is not appreciated.



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French speaking Live Chat Agent at LiveChat Pro | Working from home is also possible
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  • French
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  • Customer Support/ Client Care
  • Business & Strategy
  • Sales & Procurement