Research Assistant

Research Assistant

The Research Assistant contributes to the organisation’s development by supporting the Measuring Justice team with;

  • Conducting high quality socio-legal research and analysis based on desk research as well as processing of quantitative and qualitative data
  • Researches topics that support team activities, prepares summaries and statistical overviews.
  • Writingclear and concise pieces of texts and blog posts on relevant research topics
  • Co-ordinating and supervising the process of producing high quality articles, reports and presentations
  • Scoutingacquisition opportunities and supports the team with (grant) acquisition.
  • Maintaining relationships and correspondence with clients and partners.
  • Organising and facilitates team meetings.
  • Providing project management support – planning and keeping track of project activities, reporting progress and results

Requirements Research Assistant

  • Bachelor/Master degree in International Business and/or Management, Law or Social Sciences (economics, political science, public administration, research) or equivalent.
  • Experience with legal research and Project Management.
  • Solid research and analytical skills.
  • Good analytic and presentation skills
  • Good writing skills
  • English (proficient), French (proficient) andDutch arean advantage.
  • Knowledge and skills with statistical researchand packages such as Stata/SPSS
  • Experience with desktop publishing packages such as Adobe InDesign/Microsoft Publisher is an advantage
  • Excellent command in Excel.

Company profile

HiiL in a Nutshell

We built procedures for divorce/separation, for personal injury and for international (wildlife) crimes that are widely seen as game changers. We measure access to justice and build networks of innovators. We believe legal procedures should be developed, tested and improved in the same way as treatments in the healthcare sector. So we work evidence based, and our procedures mobilise new technologies methods,
We are based in The Hague and offer attractive employment conditions. However, financial remuneration is not our main motivator. What drives us is a passion to make justice work.

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Research Assistant
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  • English
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Research & Development
  • South Holland
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  • To be determined
  • Full-time
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  • Direct employment/ Company