Supply Chain Specialist

Description Supply Chain Specialist

Can you elevate the order to cash process into a valuable ritual?

The Japanese tea ritual? Filming your daughter blow out her birthday candles (hope she has a wonderful day)? Toasting with a glass of fine champagne? Rituals often have a long history. But every act has the potential to become a ritual. By performing everyday activities with a bit of extra care, you lay the foundation. This goes for business processes as well. Although in business, we refer to these ‘rituals’ as best practices. How would you like to implement best practices for our hugely complex and (thus) hugely interesting order to cash processes?

Our Supply Chain Specialist

Is a Zen master of order to cash processes for our wholesale and travel partners. Not the kind of Zen master who sits on a yoga mat chanting (which you are welcome to do in our meditation room after your workday ends) but the kind who energetically tackles high volume supply chain challenges. A role with impact, because you’re in charge of the A to Z of a flawless supply chain for Rituals’ notable business partners, including Douglas,, Amazon, El Corte, Coin and airport shops. Ensure that the order to cash process runs perfectly, so that no customer’s favorite ritual is ever out of stock.

Stakeholder management? You have it covered. Facilitating exciting product launches and promotional activities? You’re on it. You’re also in control of lead times, volumes and timing, which requires close collaboration with your colleagues in logistics. And you zoom in on refining our KPIs and optimizing our management dashboard, which gives us and our partners an overview of, and a handle on the market. Speaking of partners: keep them close. Meet with key accounts face-to-face once or twice per year to determine what we can improve together for our customers. Our partners will also contact you with all of their non-sales related questions. As Supply Chain Specialist, you are a member of Hansje Helfer’s Wholesale & Travel Supply Chain team, together with six direct colleagues.

Requirements Supply Chain Specialist

Your ingredients

  • Your main ingredient is a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree with a logistics twist
  • You have matured for 4+ years, preferably in a high-volume supply chain setting
  • You contain a generous splash of ERP (AX, SAP, et cetera) experience
  • You are perfect for all skin types and can level with everyone
  • You’re crispy from all the numbers you crunch
  • You have 99% of your DNA in common with customers; you know exactly what they want
  • Your impact is doubly positive: great for our customers and great for our brand

Also this

  • We’re looking for a near native English speaker. Someone who speaks Spanish, Italian and preferably Dutch.
  • If you puedes entender esto en capisce cosa è scritto qui we’ll roll out the red carpet

Company profile

Happiness can be found in the smallest of things. Transform your daily routines into meaningful moments with our luxurious bath, body and home products.

Offer Supply Chain Specialist

Warm bath experience

The experience of working at Rituals is as comforting as a warm bath. Except you can completely relax in your bath and as Supply Chain Specialist it’s all systems go. But you do receive a fair paycheck, a great work environment, and a good retirement plan in return. And lots of opportunities to excel. We want you to have plenty of energy to do your job well, so we also include homemade lunches and use of our meditation rooms to relax. Working hard is a valuable ritual. So is relaxing hard.

How to apply

Should you? Yes! More information? We just saw Irma Kok down the hall with a yoga mat, but if you’re quick you can catch her: or APPLY ONLINE using the RED APPLY BUTTON below



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Supply Chain Specialist
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Match criteria
  • English
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Spanish
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  • Logistics & Supply Chain