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Description Technical Lead

Our client is one of the largest and most innovative software protection companies in the world with offices around the globe and cutting edge hardware and software solutions for B2B and B2C clients. The Amsterdam office is a playground for software and hardware developers offering an innovative setting where new products are launched in order to increase their market share within the technology sector, worldwide. Our client is a company with 800 mils € revenues and ambitious growth plans.

  • Manage a large team of skilled developers
  • Can help build (hire) and maintain a solid and motivated team.
  • Can identify weakness and strengths within the team and manage individual development.
  • Has a broad technological overview without necessarily an exceptional in-depth knowledge in all areas, but can communicate such that he/she understands what the domain experts they will be managing are doing and if they are doing it effectively.
  • Display seniority and ability to make tough decisions whilst maintaining harmony.
  • Handling technical interactions with other (remote) teams where necessary.
  • A hands-on mentality.
  • Experience in complex eco systems with multiple parts such as backend, devices/hardware and mobile in that order of importance.

Requirements Technical Lead


  • 8-10+ years experience with a significant part hands on developing.
  • C/C++ developing skills
  • High level of WIFI knowledge.

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Technical Lead