How to make new employees more productive

By: Together Abroad 10-11-2015

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Making a good introduction is very important for new employees, as we now know. It's also important for an employer to make a good introduction. However, properly analysing how to improve the productivity of new employees as an employer is difficult to measure. Google has done this well and other organisations can learn from this.

The analytics team at Google has set up several experiments to measure the factors that contribute to the productivity of new employees. What they have found is that it making a productive new employee comes from both sides, the employer and the employee.

Sending an e-mail to the manager as a new employee, but just before you start working, turns out to have the most impact. Sending a simple email before you begin work as a new employee is one way of finding out what is the minimum required level of productivity, allowing you to gain a headstart. This is also faster than when this reminder is not controlled.

The content of the mail is important. This can be considered a 'just-in-time' reminder mail, where you can highlight five things that have the most impact on the productivity of the starting staff. Managers may choose whether and how they pay attention to this in the introduction track. Here are five area's which you can use, as an employer, to help introduce yourself to your employee in a good light:

Entering a discussion on the role and responsibilities of the employee, or finding out in detail what is expected of your employer is expecting of you.
Assign a buddy for the new employee, to ease them into the company and to give them a friendly contact.
Help your employees build a social network within the company and within the industry.
Evaluate the introduction track with the employee once a month during the first six months, so as to monitor their progression.
Encourage an open dialogue, where critique can be openly swapped without the fear of negative side effects

The five tasks run both ways, and aim to help build a supportive social network between the managars and the workers, while also aiming at creating regular evaluations where.

There are three major success factors of this approach, which ensures that new employees are 25% faster productive:

A just-in-time e-mail, which is short and to the point. This makes it easier for the employee to understand what it is they're getting into, while also offering a short introduction.
Which processes the owner and manager are not obliged to perform, or which activities are not within the manager's responsibilities
A checklist of tasks that can be checked off, which if done correctly, will allow your new employee to know exactly what is expected of them, and gives them a good reminder of what the minimal amount of productivity is which is expected of them.