How to write better job ads?

By: van Orsouw 25-01-2022

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How to write better job ads?
Maslow's pyramid has been around for about 75 years, but it is still being used. According to Matt Buckland, we can also put it to good use in job ads. Maslow divided human needs into different layers: the higher needs are only addressed when the lower ones are fulfilled. What can we learn from this with regard to vacancy texts?

What is Maslow's pyramid?
In 1943, Maslow published a paper called "A Theory of Human Motivation" in the journal The Psychological Review. In it, he wrote that human needs must be met in a certain order before a person's motivation changes. For example, if you are hungry and have no roof over your head, it is unlikely that you will be concerned about what other people think of you.

Maslow laid out a pyramid that you can walk up from the bottom to the top in this order:

A job covers such an important part of a person's life that Maslow's pyramid certainly applies here.

Physiological: what am I going to earn?
A person's first priority is survival and that includes having food to eat, a roof over their head, good night's rest, etc. You can translate this into salary in this modern world. People have fixed expenses to pay (groceries, rent, children, etc.). No matter how nice the job is, they cannot survive without a certain income. It is important to mention the salary in the job description, that way you know if someone can take the job.

Safety: how safe am I in this job?
Safety is also important for candidates. People like to feel safe and secure. That is why candidates want to know whether it is a permanent contract or a temporary one. Always make this clear in the vacancy text. In addition, candidates also like it when they apply for a strong company. Why? If you as a company can go bankrupt within a few months, then after 6 months they no longer have a job. Mentioning the existence time of your organization can help with this. As a start-up, it helps to mention that you have investors on board and which investors they are.

Belong: do I fit in with the current team?
People need companionship, family, friendships and yes that is: love. Someone wants to belong on the team. Everyone knows the whine of not belonging in times of unemployment. In the job description, describe what kind of team someone will be working in. Powerful motivators are:

Working with an inspiring leader
A team of experts in a particular field
A certain work culture and atmosphere
Include evidence and share testimonials from alumni and current employees, share the team's social activities. This is also a pre-selection: the clearer picture of the team is painted, the sooner someone will apply who fits it.

Appreciation: what is my role in the team?
Appreciation and respect from those around you is an important motivator. This can go two ways. When a team member feels that he or she is putting something down that is accepted by the team and also takes the team to the next level, it increases the sense of appreciation. On the other hand, if a team member feels under appreciated, that person stagnates. In the job posting, state why the position is so important to the team and the organization. Show that you are looking for that 1 in 1000 cleaner, developer or designer!

Personal growth: what can I get out of this job?
When all of the previous needs are met, someone has room for personal growth. Someone would like to live a life where his or her capabilities are used and in line with his or her values and standards. Put down in the job description what the opportunities are for development. This goes beyond courses. Are there mentors, coaches and are team members open to sharing knowledge with each other? Are there workbooks, tests and cool demos that a team member can participate in?

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