7 Trends That Will Change Recruitment in 2019

By: Together Abroad 29-11-2018

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7 Trends That Will Change Recruitment in 2019

1. Niche Recruiters
Talent is becoming increasingly scarce, but unusual professions are also on the rise. This has to do with automation and the emergence of new technologies. Think, for example, of a Drone pilot, Cyber Security Specialist, or a Blockchain Developer. Have you heard about any of these five years ago? This is the ultimate challenge for the niche recruiter of the future in the Netherlands.

2. Chatbots
Chatbots are slowly and increasingly conquering our recruitment world. Do not panic, this is going to bring many benefits. Chatbots on your website are available 24/7 to offer help. They can help a visitor who clicks around to ask specific questions about a suitable vacancy, which can mean a huge improvement in the customer experience. Chatbots take nasty administrative chores out of the hands of the recruiter so that there is time left for what really matters: personal contact.

3. Social Recruiting
The millennials will take the first steps towards the labour market. A generation that grew up with all the comforts of the internet and where social life mainly plays online. Cliché: as a company you have to be present at the places where your target group is located. A recruiter who stays on his phone all day is no longer strange. There is a big chance they are using apps, DM or via Messenger to converse with a candidate. Also, do not forget video calls as they are no longer unusual, in fact, millennials do not do it otherwise.

4. Maximum Candidate Experience
Due to the tight labour market, applicants will have the power to be even more critical towards your organization. Do you not respond within a certain period of time or is there a hitch somewhere else? That is unfortunate for you. The entanglement of recruitment and marketing is just underway, but it will become even more important. All the bells and whistles have to be pulled out for a perfect hire.

5. Source of Hire
Big data cannot be missed as a trend. Now, big data is not so much a trend, but at OTYS we see more and more a tendency in the way data is used: it is becoming increasingly important to know exactly where candidates come from (the source of hire). With the scarcity on the market, this is more important than ever; you do not want your expensive recruitment budget to be thrown into a bottomless pit.

6. Personalised Job Openings
It has been possible for a long time to show advertisements based on the online behaviour of internet users. This will slowly but surely skip to vacancies. The goal is to reach people who are not actively looking for a job. Is a company looking for a JavaScript specialist? Then it is checked which people are looking for information about this and where they are located, so that vacancies are shown in a targeted manner.

7. Rapid Increase in Wages
We foresee a trend in wages. The positive economic conditions in combination with the candidate-driven market will ensure that wage increases are accelerating. Employees have more choice and because of the huge number of vacancies it is easier to switch jobs. Employers will have to get over the bar and have to invest more in their employees before they are tempted by the competitor.

This article was originally published in Dutch by OTYS Recruiting Technology. Reprinted and translated with courtesy to OTYS.