How to Establish Yourself as an Expert in a Field

By: Together Abroad 22-08-2016

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“Trust” is a keyword when it comes to finding the right person for a job. In a world where the internet plays a significant role in finding that “go to person”, it is very important to establish a strong image for others to see so that they could really trust somebody. Not only does it help others in giving them reasons to hire or work with you, but it also gives you authority and a better view of offers in the particular field. Getting the attention of potential clients is one thing, but making sure they stay interested is another. Here are some tips on how you can establish yourself as this “go to person”.

1. Decide and think on how you want people to perceive you:

Before actually going out there and branding yourself, know the key factors you would want to use in your personal page (website/blog/etc.). These factors include photos, words, information and even location, services, and other sort of unique or “different” factors that make people want to try something new.Take time in branding, as competition may be tough and you want to stand out.

2. Build on what you have:

Competition will be tough (depending on what service), focus on the factors you have and build on them.These unique factors could just simply be a skill in pitching or even being a solid team leader. This will then make people trust you and will automatically help build a reputation,which might you more opportunities.

3. Have a clear overview on social media:

In the world of business, the internet has become a medium for clients to find potential employees. Social media plays a huge role in how you can establish yourself. Social media platforms such as Linked In has gained popularity within the business world as it has connected many different people of many different fields together in a professional setting. One should always be aware of the benefits of having a profile on social media as it is an essential tool to put you out in the open. Building connections with people, finding different offers and having the chance of people viewing you are just the few of the many helpful aspects the internet can provide.

4. Stay true to what you say:

The most important factor in trust is consistency and living what you preach. Make sure that whatever is stated and branded should always be maintained and practiced. Simply making sure you are dressed appropriately and arriving to work on time will give clients the satisfaction in the decision of hiring you.

5. Be active to find knowledge and experience and share it:

Once you claim to be an expert in that particular field, be confident to share it with other people. Show clients that you really do have experience as well knowledge. Through blogs or social media, one can easily share knowledge with other people and display what exactly you would like people to perceive you as. To add to that, finding experience can be done through various ways. Through different social media platforms or even through connections, an internship or a small workshop you attend—state these clearly for clients to see that you really are active in the field.

Brodie Bavidge