By: Together Abroad 24-11-2014

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The most popular employers that would significantly give a lift to your starting career have been published by Memory Research, in the study ‘'First EMPLOYERS 2014’. This study was held among students and young professionals. Shell is the company that ranks first when asked where the starters want to start their career. Shell was already representative of its industry but in this year, they are ranked first in the overall market. The reasons that backed up this high ranking were: 20% the international opportunities; 15% the good working conditions and salary; 12% promotion opportunities.
Compared to last year’s study edition, Unilever and Google are still the favorite ones, while Nike and Friesland Campina are new entries.

Overall the study includes 50 companies and organizations. Comparing to last year, companies like Van Oord , ASML and VolkerWessels increased in popularity. The study shows that there is a difference between gender preferences toward companies as well.
The companies of Philips and VolkerWessels are really popular among men while women prefer companies like Coca-Cola and L'Oreal.

The top 10 employers of 2014
1. Shell
2. Google
3. Unilever
4. Heineken
5. KLM
7. Philips
8. Ahold
9. Nike
10. FrieslandCampina