US MBA graduates earn higher pay

By: Together Abroad 30-10-2014

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Business school graduates in the US earn more over a 20-year period, says a research.

A recent analysis done for Poets&Quants by PayScale, a US data analysis firm, revealed interesting conclusions. The study collected the salary data from graduates through online pay comparison tools over 20 years after the graduation by taking into account the base salaries, cash bonuses and profit sharing’s in today’s dollar currency from 50 top ranking business schools in America.

According to the research, the income for MBA graduates over a 20-year period was a hefty seven-figure income. Furthermore, the highly ranked business schools delivered the highest income during the 20-year period to their graduates.

Harvard Business School’s MBAs led the list with a median income of US$3.233,000. Stanford MBA graduates have a median income of $3,011,000, and Wharton was next on the list with a median income of $2,989,000.

By Alba Bregasi