Highly educated work below their level

By: Together Abroad 02-08-2013

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Although the number of vacancies for highly skilled has increased by seven per cent compared to 2012 during the past six months, college and university graduates still struggle with finding the job up to their level

Fourteen percent of highly educated candidates work currently below its level of education. Also, a quarter of all college and university level students accepted a job below his level last year. At the same time more than twenty percent of all high school graduates work in a position above his education.

According to Dick Koopman Direcor of Yacht , the fact that highly educated candidates work below their intellectual capacity despite an increasing demand for high educated personnel has to do with the situation when increased supply of college and university students does not reflect the demand of companies. In the absence of work he graduates are forced to accept choose a position below their level.

The MBO level students, on the contrary benefit from this contrast in supply and demand. They get the chance to grow to a function at college level. Thus almost sixty percent of all secondary skilled ICT professionals work above their level.

" The internal MBO level candidate has very good cards in his hands due to gained knowledge and practical experience, when he applies for the job at a higher level," said Koopman

Many highly educated lack precisely those skills. "You notice that only high education with a lot of theoretical knowledge but no experience is not enough. Specific skills count heavily and education will need to connect it to," he says.

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