Higher Investments in The Netherlands

By: Together Abroad 27-06-2016

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The volume of investments in tangible fixed assets grew by 8.4% in April 2016, relative to the same month last year, reports Statistics Netherlands CBS. The increase is more substantial than in the preceding month mostly in residential property.
Investment data are not adjusted for calendar effects. The number of working days was the same in April 2016 as in April 2015. According to Statistics Netherland's Investment Radar, the investment climate in the Netherlands is more favourable in June than in April and May.
Residential property investments rose further in April. Investments in infrastructural projects, aircraft, trucks and trailers also grew relative to April 2015.
The situation on the sales markets and on the financial markets is a relevant factor for the investment climate in general. The Investment Radar shows that export growth, consumer confidence and the mood among Dutch manufacturers about their order positions improved in June compared to April.