American Women's Club Amsterdam

By: van Orsouw 04-01-2016

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"Founded in 1927, the AWCA has a long history of helping American women and other international women with close ties to the US to embrace life in the Netherlands. It does so by creating opportunities for community involvement and philanthropy, offering cultural, educational and family activities as well as networking opportunities with other professionals. In doing so, they help to build lifelong friendships." CLICK HERE TO READ MORE

"On a more practical side, you’ll be provided with useful information and resources to help you acclimate to life in Amsterdam. We hold area walkabouts, introducing you to a particular part of the city, hands-on tours of the tram system or the supermarket, or we’ll find someone to tell you just what that electricity bill says. In the Newcomers Group (as well as in the whole club), there are no dumb questions!" READ MORE