Business schools changing strategies for students

By: Together Abroad 23-10-2014

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Business Schools are changing the structure and content of their programmes to adhere to the changing global market’s structure and conditions.

The schools are catching up with new updated strategies – introducing new subjects, flexible timetables along with renewed missions. Besides core courses, they are providing and focusing more on new foundations such as soft skills, entrepreneurship, international fieldwork, big data and a multidisciplinary approach.

Kellog School of Management of NorthWestern University has just introduced its new brand strategy by repositioning the Kellog brand. Its new focus is with regards to a growth mindset coupled with deep analysis and social intelligence. Four years ago, the management school introduced the concept of bravery as a core focus of its programmes. Since then, 55 new courses have been added, which constitute 25% of the overall curriculum.

Business schools are also offering students the opportunity to select their courses and customise their own time. Oxford University’s Saïd Business School recently introduced a new module ‘GOTO’ or Global Opportunities and Threats Oxford that focuses on big trends that are happening worldwide. The module addresses one issue per year and this year, the module analyses the impact of big data on business and society. The business school has also introduced new themes to its programmes such as responsible leadership and entrepreneurship.

“Our mission is to create a world class business school community embedded in a world class business school university institution tackling world scale problems,” said Peter Tufano, Dean of the school.

By Alba Bregasi