The importance of Social Media in Recruitment

By: Together Abroad - Edu Martinez 20-05-2014

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Should a vacancy be filled? Social media is the solution. Many HR professionals and recruiters are struggling in the search of new talent. The U.S. recruitment guru Kevin Wheeler is convinced that social media is the future of recruitment. "The tools may change, but not the concept of social media and the internet to find the right people ".
The first step for HR professionals is therefore, according to Wheeler, that HR professionals know the importance of learning about social media. "However, I see that many HR professionals have cold feet and did not even want to try. Then, it is necessary that HR professionals learn how to use social media step by step. “Just start with Google and then, after time and effort, become an expert in social media. But that is step three. Too many HR professionals are still stuck in the first two steps. "

Facebook and Twitter more interesting than LinkedIn
According to Wheeler LinkedIn is too traditional. “On LinkedIn, you'll find not many graduates or young people. You will find people with a few years of experience, people in their mid-career. With a neat resume. In fact, LinkedIn is a kind of CV online. “However, a HR professional would like to know what someone really did. Wheeler believes that HR professionals better use Facebook and Twitter. He explains why: “These are the social media in which young people are active. You will not find ' credentials ' as on LinkedIn but information about the background of a person, and also its interests. This will allow a HR professional to get a better idea of what kind of person someone is. Suppose you have someone who works as a psychologist, but on Facebook and Twitter just upgrade posts about his hobbies. A HR professional who is looking for a psychologist could know that this person is not the right candidate through Facebook and Twitter. "

Now clear profile on social media
In contrast, a company must use social media on its site in order to hire new employees. “Multinationals like Coca - Cola and Philips have their own Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
“I think that all companies with HR professionals who seek employees do it.”This is not only the presence of social media but also to actively use them.” A HR professional must actively tweet about the opportunities within the company. Wheeler often use the analogy of a gardener. “He must not only plant seeds, but also give them water . That means actively tweeting, but then reacting if necessary. In other terms, you should be engaged. "
Kevin Wheeler calls himself a researcher and author on various HR topics about recruitment and learning & development. Wheeler initially worked in business and established his own company fifteen years ago.
Source: HR Praktijk