More business people stay overnight in The Netherlands

By: Together Abroad 19-11-2015

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More business last year spent the night in a hotel for their work. The number of overnight stays rose by 3.1 percent, leading figures to rise to over 16 million.
This appears evident from the Trend Report on tourism, recreation and leisure in 2015 undertaken by the Centraal Bureau voor de statistiek (Central Bureau of Statistics, CBS) and the tourism office.

The first half of 2015 saw a continuation in this growth, with the number of commercial overnight stays increasing by 2.8 percent. Business tourists are responsible for two of the five nights in Dutch hotels. Most foreign business travelers who stayed in hotels come from Britain, the United States, Germany, China, Italy and Japan. Most business tourists, around 6.9 million, slept in North Holland, especially Amsterdam in 2014.

Business travelers spend more money on their trips than vacationers. They spent on average 350 euros per person per trip in 2013. The average Dutch holidaymaker spent an average of 166 euros per person per holiday in 2014. Foreign business travelers spend the most. Last year was an average of 1,035 euros per person per trip, while foreign holidaymakers on average 600 euros per person in expenditures.