“Nyenrode Programs for Professionals & Entrepreneurs”

By: Together Abroad 25-03-2013

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“Nyenrode Programs for Professionals & Entrepreneurs”

Nyenrode Business Universiteit is offering breakthrough international programs for experienced professionals and entrepreneurs to enhance their business skills and knowledge with insights than can immediately be put into practice in their current businesses. These programs are MBA level courses with an international focus and a practical orientation.

Nyenrode programs allow professionals and entrepreneurs to experience the most up-to-date academic know-how and the best business practices in topics such as entrepreneurship, international business, sustainability and finance. All our programs for professionals and entrepreneurs are English-taught. These programs last from 5 to 10 days.

Find more about the different programs that Nyenrode is currently offering:

Finance and banking (based in Nyenrode, Breukelen)

Start-up entrepreneurship and business planning (based in Nyenrode, Breukelen)

Sustainability in business (based in Nyenrode, Breukelen)

China: economic and business landscape (based in Shanghai, China)

India: foreign investments (based in Mumbai, India)

For more information about the programs visit Nyenrode Programs for Professionals & Entrepreneurs or contac Cindy Yim via c.yim@nyenrode.nl or +31 (0)346 291 211“