How to start an international career

By: Together Abroad 28-04-2021

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How to start an international career

If you came to this website and are reading this article, you are probably looking for a job outside your home country and looking for an international career, right? Building an international career abroad is a long-term process that can bring you many great experiences, benefits and personal satisfaction. However, it also demands hard work and complete dedication.

International careers do not just happen. They are planned carefully and built up over a while. It is a fundamental fact that international employers want you to have an international experience before sending you to work abroad. So, you need to plan ahead.

Keep in mind that everything needs a lot of effort, focus and determination. So, here are some tips for you to succeed in an international career:

Choose a place
First of all, you might already have a destination in mind. Think about what makes you an asset to a particular region. Foreign language skills are a natural first step, but if you want to apply directly to a job in another country, ask yourself where your skills and background will be most attractive to potential employers. There are job opportunities everywhere, but that does not necessarily mean that every country is the right fit for the industry you are applying to. Do your research to ensure there is a healthy job market within your respective sector in the country of your choice.

Customize your resume, LinkedIn profile, or application/cover letter
The biggest challenge to winning a position abroad is showing a hiring manager that it is worth bringing on someone from another country. Customization is the key when filling out any job application and ensures that your resume stands out in a pile of local and international candidates. The information you include in your application will largely depend on the needs of the employer but generally speaking, you should personalize the following areas with keywords and skills that are most relevant to the job which you’re applying.

Show you are an initiative person
It is always an excellent way to demonstrate leadership experience: Leadership is a critical characteristic that companies of all types look for. Focus on earning that experience now by coordinating a new initiative or taking on added responsibility in your current role. Volunteering to manage your company’s internship program, for example, is a great way to demonstrate that you can lead and manage a team of individuals.

Do your network
Whatever you do, you should always be networking. It is tough to find a good job by yourself without any leads or people putting in a good word for you. Expand your network by going to conferences and adding everyone you know plus on LinkedIn.

Learn the language
If you choose a place with a different language, then knowing this local language is essential for a successful international career. Try your best to master the new language, or at the very least, learn it on a conversational level, as it will help you to understand colleagues and also be able to present your ideas more precisely. Your coworkers and superiors will appreciate the fact that you learned the language and they will also see it as a sign of diligence.

Applying for an international job has its unique challenges, including cultural barriers, complicated paperwork, and stiff competition, but do not give up! Do not feel depressed and annoyed if you do not find an ideal workplace immediately. Persistence is crucial, even if it takes a while to find the right direction. Be flexible and patient.

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Written by Roberta Alves Vieira for Together Abroad