When to Get Professional Help for CVs

By: together Abroad 19-03-2018

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We can say that a CV is the best possible written representation of who you are in professional terms. A good CV, however, is more than that. It represents your only chance to capture a potential employer’s attention in a few seconds, giving him or her the very first impression of you. And that impression is crucial. It will determine your gateway to an interview and possible further achievement of your desired job; or, on the contrary, your joining the long list of applicants rejected.

A professionally crafted CV has the power to get you noticed by highlighting your talents and accomplishments in a fashionable way. Of course, you can write your own resume. Many people have succeeded in this way by doing proper research, writing persuasively, and crafting the information according to the job postings. Nevertheless, if you recognize yourself in one of the following situations, it would be advisable to look for professional help:

1. You have been applying for job opportunities for some time and do not hear back from your applications.
2. You do not get any interviews, or as many as you would like.
3. You are facing a major change of industry or sector and you do not know how to structure the information in your CV according to those new job postings.
4. You are in a situation of changing country, culture or language, and you do not know the local recruitment fashion and culture.
5. You are not good at writing in the language you are applying jobs to.
6. You have substantial employment gaps and you do not know how to downplay the weaknesses in your career story.
7. You are a shy person and your personality does not go well with bragging.
8. You do not know what information to include in a CV, how to present it, highlight it or structure it.

One of the major benefits of an expert assessment of your CV will be the level of objectivity that professionals will have when determining what is relevant to include or not. An effectively written CV will look fresh, concise, personal and professional, balancing your accomplishments to show you as a quality candidate. Another advantage related to customer service, sales, marketing, or technical support jobs will be that they often require the ability to write clearly and effectively, and that will be shown immediately in your CV. Also, in some companies, job applications must pass through a software called ATS (Applicant Tracking System) before they make their way to the hiring manager. In these cases, if your resume is not formatted properly, there is a good chance that it never gets past these initial screens.

Together Abroad is a job board for internationals in Europe founded in 2009. They offer different CV services to help build a strong marketing tool, such as Dutch CV templates, professional recruiters’ assessments, and professional CV writing. Through their website you can book an online review of your CV. They will revise your document and offer hints and suggestions on what to include, and where and how to best present it for specific job applications.

Working with a professional CV writer might not be an option for everyone. But if you are applying to the right opportunities and still find it difficult to land interviews, or you are facing major changes of language, sector, culture or country, it may be a good idea to seek out for the opinion of an expert that will save you time and lots of energy.

Written by Paula Arellano Geoffroy for Together Abroad