A rise of 47% Investments by Foreign Firms in the Netherlands

By: Together Abroad 30-05-2016

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2015 will be remembered as the year in which the Netherlands was able to attract a record number of 219 foreign investment projects, according to research by accountants group EY. The projects ranged from logistics operations to sales and marketing and to head offices. Most foreign firms came from the US, but there was a sharp rise in Chinese involvement.
However, there is a cause for concern, according to the latest figures, because the confidence of foreign investors is declining in the Dutch business climate. This negative sentiment can translate into a lower level of total investment, giving rise to higher chances that new business in the Netherlands along with employment and knowledge can go wrong.
So it is important that not only existing interests are respected, but that there is sufficient focus on parts of the economy where in the coming years a strong growth is expected, such as start-ups and in the digital domain.
The Harvard Business Review research, quoted by EY, suggested that the Netherlands is losing its digital economy advantages, and risks trailing other countries in this field as development stagnates.

Source: Nu.nl