Boss doesn't notice your hard work

By: Together Abroad 12-11-2015

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No one wants to be under appreciated or neglected in something that you have invested in your time, effort, mind and hopes. And if in any other aspects of your lives it might be easier to recognize such situation and how to deal with it, when it comes to work, things get a bit trickier. Identifying when your boss doesn’t notice your hard work can be difficult, especially for younger employees, who don’t have previous experience with such circumstances or a lot of work experience in general and are still not used to what to expect in a work environment.
Some examples of under appreciation could be when you do your job well, complete your task on time, etc., however you don’t receive any kind of feedback, or the only type of feedback you get is the cases when you have done something wrong or a mistake. A lot of people might explain for themselves such behaviour as natural with the fact that this is their job and that is what they are supposed to do.

However, it is impossible to deny that a simple “good job, thank you” can boost your work motivation and feeling of accomplishment and that the lack of positive reinforcement can lead to the exact opposite feeling. Another quite common example is, when you have been treated different from other employees for the same work you have done. One thing is when all of your colleagues are sharing the same feeling of their hard work being unnoticed; completely different thing is when you are the only one. Such situation enhances the feeling of frustration and neglecting. And sometimes it’s just a combination of small things in your boss’s attitude toward your work that after a while start to pile up and bring the question if he is actually noticing the good work you do.

When approaching such situations, it is important to have the right attitude. The first thing is not to take it personal. A simple explanation could be that your boss is having other issues and tasks at hand and is overlooking the individual touch with employees and following in depth their work. A good first step is communicating with him and asking for a feedback on your work, what you are doing well and what can be improved. A simple act like this can be favourable for getting your work being noticed.
The second and extremely important thing is to know your worth. By letting other people, your boss in this case, give you value, you lose it. Don’t underestimate yourself because you don’t receive praise from your employer. Moreover, choosing to work less professional or not putting a lot of effort, because there is nobody to notice it, is a harmful way of thinking. Don’t make yourself less proud with your work just because you don’t receive an external confirmation. Your self-esteem and confidence should come from within yourself before all. Learn to notice and appreciate yourself your own hard work!

By: Iva Plocheva