Focus on work in civic integration exam

By: Together Abroad 27-08-2014

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Focus on work in civic integration exam

From 1 January 2015, the civic integration examination will contain a stronger focus on work. The Government wants to get more immigrants into employment by helping them learn how to find a job. The Cabinet has approved a proposal from Lodewijk Asscher (Minister of Social Affairs and Employment) to augment the exam with an extra job-seeking module.

At present, the exam includes only general questions about work, such as the role of temporary employment agencies. From 1 January 2015, candidates preparing to take the exam will have to take steps to find employment. Having a job increases self-reliance and helps immigrants integrate faster.

The extra module will include writing a letter of application and a curriculum vitae, assessing one's own chances of employment in particular occupations, and building a network. It will cost each candidate an extra €100, raising the total cost of taking the exam to €350.

Source Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment