The New Rules on Temporary Staff Were Not Successful

By: Together Abroad 04-07-2016

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According to the research by labour market lawyers, the new legislation on redundancy and flexible employment has failed to boost job security for temps, as it was supposed to do.
Lodewijk Asscher introduced the new laws in 2015 and their aim was to encourage companies to put more staff on permanent contracts. However, the rules are so rigid that companies are actually being discouraged from taking on staff, according to the research, which involved over 1,000 lawyers and other specialists.
The new rules reduce the legal differences between traditional and temporary staff, and give temps more rights to severance pay and a permanent contract. In particular, temps who have had three contracts in two years are entitled to a permanent job.
The number of requests made in court to fire staff have roughly halved since the new laws were introduced and temporary staff are losing contracts more often, shows theresearch by lawyers’ organisations VAAN and VvA.
The chairman of small firms’ organisation MKB-Nederland told the Financieele Dagblad the new rules are a ‘major confirmation’ of the earlier criticism. Asscher has promised to make changes and ‘constructive’ talks are under way, Michaël van Straalen told the paper.

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