Pipeline Engineer Job description


  • Review Client's technical documentation and requirements.
  • Ensure an adequate standard of technical documentation and contribute in updating Company standards.
  • Review the Client’s technical documents during the bid phase.
  • Prepare the design basis/CTRs for the pipeline design and interface with the relative process and structures and installation.
  • Prepare the technical specifications and data sheets for material purchasing.
  • Check the results of surveys carried out by sub-contractors.
  • Optimize the laying route.
  • Assist with the selection of laying spread/methods and perform/review installation design analysis for the pipeline system.
  • Oversee the bid evaluation and procurements phases.
  • Compile the alignment sheets and design manual.
  • Verify and act upon the remarks of the Client/Certifying Body.
  • Assist the pipeline lead or the project engineering manager for solving technical problems arising during project development and for interfacing/supporting the procurement department
  • Perform/verify all discipline analyses and calculation notes required to design the pipelines system, including the engineering activities of third parties/sub-contractors.
  • Define standards and procedures for the relative engineering area and contribute to software evaluations.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or Mechanical Engineerig from an accredited university.
  • A Professional Engineer (P.E.) or Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.) license or registration would be desirable but is not essential.
  • Nine years’ post-graduate experience in the field of pipeline design, construction and operation.
  • Demonstrate specific knowledge and practice of ASME B31.4 & 8 and applicable pipelines ASME standards, design, construction, operation, pipelines analysis.




For nearly 10 years Undutchables works with full satisfaction together with Together Abroad.
We started with just posting our jobs on their job board, and throughout the years our cooperation has grown into a valuable partnership.

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Kirsten Jansen - van den Broek Undutchables

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Maureen Adam - Adam's Multilingual Recruitment