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Together Abroad13-04-2021 8:18 AM

Imposter syndrome: how can employees and employers deal with it

Have you ever doubt your skills or you constantly feel you are not good enough at work? Well, if the answer is yes, you might have imposter syndrome. This is the name given to a behavior pattern where people doubt their success and accomplishments despite strong evidence to the contrary. They have an internalised fear of being exposed as a fraud.

Research reveals that imposter syndrome is related to anxiety, depression and low self-worth, and it has a negative impact on wellbeing through stress, anxiety and feelings of isolation, inhibiting risk-taking and innovation through fear of failure.

While the exact number of people dealing with this is unknown, its incidence is high; many employees have likely had these feelings.

It is not easy to deal with imposter syndrome, but there are some excellent tips to avoid it:
- The first step to overcoming imposter syndrome is to pay attention to negative thoughts. Your emotional state affects your perception. If you are anxious about a tight deadline or a challenging project, remind yourself that your anxiety may trick you to believe that you are a fraud, but you are not.
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Together Abroad01-04-2021 4:09 PM

Female representation and gender inequality at work

Gender inequalities persist in social and economic life around the world. OCDE (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) says that young women have more years of schooling than young men, on average. However, women are still less likely to engage in paid work. Gaps widen with age, as motherhood typically has adverse effects on women’s pay and career advancement. Women are also less likely to be entrepreneurs and are under-represented in private and public leadership.
According to the European Comission’s website, women remain underrepresented in the labour market. 67% of women are currently in employment, whereas men’s employment stands at 79%. In other words, there is a gender employment gap of 12%.

Even if more women participate in the labour market, the burden of personal and care responsibilities still falls mainly on their backs. Simply put, women work more when they combine the time devoted to unpaid work (daily, household chores, inclusive care), personal activities and leisure, and the increase in these hours of work does not automatically lead to a more balanced division of domestic and caregiving work between women and men.

But, in Europe, more women than men graduate from universities. However,...
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van Orsouw24-03-2021 10:59 AM

Outplacement or redundancy services: why it is so important?

We live in a time when the modern job market is more complex, competitive and accelerated. It is an environment that is constantly evolving and constitutes a new and frequent job market. As a result, employees now need outplacement support that is more responsive, timely and personalized, provided by experts who can provide flexible and results-focused support.

Outplacement or redundancy services are a great way to support employees who are facing a career transition, especially in these extraordinary times when many people left without a job due to the pandemic.

Outplacement is the most crucial termination benefit for employees and the company. For employers, this offers benefits that may help saving resources that can be spent on organizational and legal costs that may arise during the termination of work. For employees, this service allows them to survive financially during the transition and do it so quickly and successfully.

As an employer, the benefits of offering outplacement show your commitment to the well-being of employees, in addition to maintaining the integrity of your company, demonstrating adherence to best practices and fulfilling legal obligations. Employees dismissed will have the confidence and peace of...
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Together Abroad22-03-2021 9:55 AM

Coronavirus and the effect on the labor market in the Netherlands

The whole world has been facing the COVID-19 pandemic for one year. To contain the virus, the ideal is to avoid people from leaving their homes, and this implies in close stores, shops, restaurants, bars, and, when possible, making them work from home. However, the closure of all these places reflects both on the economy and unemployment and possible hiring, and such as many other countries, the Netherlands also faces this impact of the coronavirus on the labor market.

Figures released by the Centraal Bureau van Statistiek (CBS) revealed that more than 300.000 jobs in the Netherlands were lost due to the coronavirus crisis in the second quarter of 2020. Beyond that, also the Dutch economy has shrunk by 8.5%.

There were 322,000 fewer jobs in the Netherlands between April and June 2020 than in the same period in 2019. In the first quarter of 2020, there were 81 job openings for every 100 unemployed. However, in the second quarter, that number dropped to 57 for every 100 unemployed. At the beginning of 2020, there were 277,000 unemployed in the Netherlands.

According to IZA - Institute of Labor Economics,...
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Together Abroad06-04-2020 3:25 PM

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van Orsouw16-02-2021 10:30 AM

If an employer receives an unsolicited CV of a suitable candidate from a recruitment agency, this does not automatically mean that the employer may not approach the candidate directly. This is evident from a recent ruling in which the court rejected the agency's claim for compensation.

The employer, a logistics service provider, had posted a vacancy on its website. A recruitment agency sent the employer an e-mail that it had a suitable candidate. The employer expressed interest. A week later, the agency emailed the candidate's resume to the employer and, shortly thereafter, the cooperation agreement with the terms and conditions. The employer did not accept the proposal. Subsequently, the agency discovered that the employer had employed the candidate directly. In the District Court of Gelderland, the agency claimed compensation amounting to a quarter of the candidate's gross annual salary plus a penalty, based on the agency's agreement and conditions. According to the employer, however, no agreement had been reached.

No agreement on agreement

In order to judge whether an agreement had actually been reached, it must be established that the parties had agreed on the main points of that agreement. In the court's opinion, the agency had done no more...
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van Orsouw16-02-2021 10:23 AM

Some workers who can work from home are not doing so despite the circulating coronavirus. The outgoing cabinet is therefore taking measures. In addition, a bill of initiative has been submitted to give employees more rights around working from home.

The urgent advice from the cabinet is to work at home, unless that is really not possible. This should prevent the spread of the coronavirus; the workplace is a major source of infection. Nevertheless, recent studies show that some employees work on location. A RIVM poll in January found that of those workers who say they can work from home, 73% work from home as much as possible. TNO found in November 2020 that 9% of the employees surveyed could work more from home, but still work on location because the employer expects them to (4.4%) or because they prefer to (4.8%). In absolute numbers, we are talking about hundreds of thousands of employees. So there is room for improvement, the government acknowledges.

Criteria for testing whether working from home should be possible

The Cabinet is calling on organizations to once again assess whether working at home is really necessary and to do as much as possible to make working...
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van Orsouw22-01-2021 12:54 PM

Working in 2021: what will that look like?

Because of the coronapandemic, our way of working looks completely different than it did a year ago. But to what extent are these changes permanent? If corona is on its way out, what will working in 2021 look like? Will we all go back to the office or will working from home be here to stay? And what will the workplace of the future look like? We outline 2021 in six trends and developments in working.

1. We will continue to work at home (in part)
Last summer, the KiM (Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis) conducted a major study. It showed that 45 percent of the people who started working more from home during the corona crisis expect to continue doing so (partially) in 2021 and in the future. Currently, about 48 percent of working people work (partially) at home.

Advantages of working at home are the reduced travel time, leaving more time for other things: you can take the children to school at your leisure, sleep in a little longer or go to the gym first. Many people are also more productive at home, which means that working from home also offers many advantages for...
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Together Abroad11-01-2021 8:19 PM

News from Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment
Pilot web module Labour Relationship Assessment (WBA) launched

The pilot of the Web Module Labour Relationship Assessment (WBA) (Webmodule Beoordeling Arbeidsrelatie (WBA)  went online today. By completing the questionnaire, clients can find out whether they are allowed to hire a self-employed person for a job or whether an employment contract is required.

This pilot web module is anonymous and no rights can be derived from it at this stage. The Cabinet wants to evaluate the pilot later this year to find out whether the module is useful as a tool and to improve it where necessary.

Last year, the Committee for the Regulation of Work (Borstlap Committee) and the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) pointed to structural problems in the labor market. For example, it is important that it is clear when work can be done by a self-employed person and when it can be done by an employee. This distinction is important because the various contracts differ greatly in terms of labour law protection, social security rights and tax treatment.

The Cabinet is therefore working on a web module that will provide more clarity as to whether work can be done inside or outside an employment...
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Undutchables03-12-2020 2:26 PM

You are invited to join our Expert Talk:

"Practical Agile Methodologies to realize your 2021 business goals with your (remote) team"

Presented by Jo Gelok- Change & Program Manager and owner of RedValue & our own expert Marjan Stoit- Sales & Recruitment Manager at Undutchables.

2021 is closing in. Despite the unpredictability of these times due to COVID pandemic, you are probably busy with your plans for 2021. But since everyone is still working remotely and this seems to stay this way for a large part of the new year it might seem challenging how to get everyone in your teams on board with the plans. These times require adaptiveness to continuously change and keeping up team spirit is key.

This webinar gives a practical overview of how you can use the agile philosophy for translating your 2021 plans and strategy to your teams working from home. Keeping up team spirit, togetherness and agility is key in these challenging times. By using Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban, this will support to keep focus on result or even accelerate reaching your objectives while keeping your people on involved and motivated.

During this webinar you will get an insight in how...
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