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Together Abroad: Elevating HR Strategy through Comprehensive Outplacement Solutions

Embark on a transformative journey of discovering new job opportunities with Together Abroad, where we specialize in providing expert career guidance tailored to individual needs. Our primary focus lies in delivering personalized redundancy outplacement support, ensuring a seamless transition for individuals facing challenging times.

Outplacement Services: Experience the benefits of our comprehensive outplacement services, specifically designed to support employees departing your organization due to redundancy. Navigating the intricacies of employee transitions is made smoother with our thoughtful blend of practical and emotional support, placing emphasis on a seamless transition for both employees and your organization.

Why Outplacement Matters: Recognizing the challenges inherent in employee layoffs, our outplacement services are crafted for organizations committed to providing holistic assistance during the redundancy process. We understand the complexities of this period and strive to deliver tailored support that addresses the unique needs of each individual.

Key Benefits for Employers Engaging in Outplacement:

  1. Staff Engagement and Trust: Employees accessing our outplacement support are more likely to contribute constructively until the end of their employment.
  2. Time Efficiency: Utilizing the expertise of our career and outplacement professionals liberates time for HR teams and managers, enabling them to focus on other crucial tasks.
  3. Conflict Reduction: Our outplacement support minimizes legal disputes and conflicts during redundancy situations.
  4. Reputation Protection: Supporting staff during career transitions demonstrates a caring employer, positively impacting both internal staff and external perception.
  5. Staff Wellbeing and Success: Our outplacement services facilitate successful career transitions, reducing anxiety and fostering positive employee transitions.
  6. Future Talent Attraction: Supported employees are more likely to consider returning or recommending the company, enhancing future talent attraction.

Why Choose the Together Abroad Outplacement Program? For over 17 years, Together Abroad has been a trusted partner for organizations seeking top-notch outplacement services. Our commitment to prioritizing outplacement ensures a positive difference in the transitional phase, benefiting both your people and your organization. Elevate your HR strategy with Together Abroad, where comprehensive outplacement solutions take centre stage

The outplacement solution for your highly skilled worker or Expat

Hello, I'm Linda van Orsouw, CEO | Founder of Together Abroad. My team and I are dedicated to guiding your knowledge migrants toward a future-proof career. Together, we strive to ensure a path to sustainable and fulfilling employment for each individual we work with.
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For nearly 14 years Undutchables works with full satisfaction together with Together Abroad.
We started with just posting our jobs on their job board, and throughout the years our cooperation has grown into a valuable partnership.

Since last year Together Abroad present their workshop “How to find a job in The Netherlands” also at the 4 Undutchables offices to our candidates. We are happy to be able to provide such great and reliable service to our candidates.
And we look forward to continue our fruitful cooperation in the future.

Kirsten Jansen - van den Broek Undutchables

We have worked with Together Abroad as advertisers since their inception in 2009.

During this time, we have found them to be very responsive to our needs and very pleasant people to work with.

I would certainly recommend them as reliable and responsive business partners with an eye to the market and having their fingers on the pulse of the Dutch employment sector.


Ray Paker - Madison Parker International

I have known Linda since the inception of Together Abroad and have always been impressed by her passion for the world of internationals and the energy and drive they have invested in their business.

She have built an important portal for the international community in the Netherlands providing information, trainings and job opportunities to this group.

The job board is an important resource to Adams and gives us greater exposure to the jobs we advertise and an additional source of candidates.


Maureen Adam - Adam's Multilingual Recruitment