How Has the Dutch Market Adjusted to Flexible Employment? ** HR Analysis

Together Abroad21-06-2018 9:10 AM

Flexible labour and self-employment in the Netherlands are on the rise, says an overview report by TNO Innovation for Life and Statistics Netherlands. Workers with a flexible employment contract have risen from 12% in 2001 to 16% in 2012. In 2014, the proportion of Dutch employees with a flexible work relationship increased even further to 22%, according to the report. This makes the Netherlands one of the top three EU15 countries with high rates of labour market flexibility, right behind Portugal and Spain. The group of flexible workers is diverse, and it is comprised of:
• employees with a fixed-term contract with the prospect of a permanent contract (21% of the total population of flexible workers);
• employees with a fixed-term contract of more than one year (10%);
• employees with a fixed-term contract of less than one year (8%);
• on-call employees (30%);
• temporary agency employees (13%);
• workers on permanent contracts, but with no fixed hours (7%);
• workers on fixed-term contracts without fixed hours (12%).

Sectors with the highest shares of flexible workers are restaurants and catering (42%), followed by services (29%), culture, sports and recreation (29%) and trade (26%). However, shares are relatively low in...
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van Orsouw03-04-2018 10:12 AM
Proven Methods in Diversity Management

In business, diversity management is finding the best practice to create and maintain a diverse and inclusive workplace that, in turn, can benefit from a wide range of experiences and talents. Benefitting from diversity is especially important for corporations that wish to succeed in a global market. As Malcolm Forbes said: “diversity is the art of thinking independently together.”

Diversity is not merely about being inclusive of different races and genders within a business, but about making the most of a team with different cultural backgrounds, beliefs, experiences and business methods. Successful diversity management should embrace the individuality of a business team, rather than merely tolerate it. One trap that some businesses tend to fall into is to focus too much on the HR initiative of diversity, instead of making a genuine effort to embrace diversity within a company’s working culture. Rohini Anand, chief diversity officer of Sodexo, a French food and facilities management company, claims that diversity is all about talent and responding to customer needs in a more holistic way.

Creating an environment that makes way for unique ideas also paves the way for better innovation. This is something that many technology companies...
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Together Abroad03-04-2017 12:54 PM
Recruitment agencies used to have a bit of a negative reputation as wolves looking for quick money not really interested in the company nor the candidate. Most agencies were not specialised and worked for any company that they obtained an order from. However, the market has changed and companies demand that the agencies have a profound knowledge of their business; they are not just looking for someone who selects CV’s but for abusiness partner. They are looking for an agency that does not only look at short term success but that provides long term solutions. The same applies for the candidates; they are looking for an agency that understands the current job market and that offers guidance on what is being searched for by potential employers.

This development has resulted in a growing number of agencies that focus on niche markets. There are agencies specialised in IT, technical jobs, construction, administration and finance, higher educated staff, call centres, multilingual jobs and so on. A good example of a well-known Dutch agency that is focussing on niche markets with specialised departments is Unique. A few or their specialised subsidiaries are:Technicon, for construction and engineering; Unique Inters Sales, for retail and wholesale;Unique...
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Together Abroad06-02-2017 9:57 PM
There are many ways to fill an open position within your organization. LinkedIn, recruiters, online job searches, or job fairs can all be used as a means to find the perfect candidate for your company. LinkedIn and online searches can be done with minimal effort, but a job fair usually requires much more and may not always be worth it. Is going through the extra mile of effort worth it to find the perfect candidate?

Why You Should

You can meet with non-traditional candidates. The typical LinkedIn search or online job posting may not be the best option for finding unique talent. The filters for websites, while usually helpful in weeding out the unqualified, may actually be keeping you from finding employees that are out of the ordinary but would best fit the position.

Gives you the chance to network with other businesses. Job fairs not only give you the chance to meet potential employees but also to chat with other businesses. There is nothing like face to face communication and meeting fellow companies can lead to future business endeavors that might not have happened otherwise.

Can increase your brand awareness. Job fairs give your company the chance to put...
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Together Abroad17-05-2016 11:31 AM
In the Netherlands, the holiday bonus is paid back for most workers in May or June. It was first introduced at the beginning of the last century. After World War II, the holiday bonus was introduced in addition to wages, so that the workers had money to travel. This fee is similar to the holiday allowance as we know it. It is usually at least 8% of gross salary. That is almost an entire extra month's salary. Not only workers, but also recipients of state pension, unemployment benefit or, for example, social assistance benefits, are receiving holiday allowance. It is traditionally paid in one instalment. Whether the amount is spent wisely, is a different story. A representative survey conducted by among 1,372 respondents showed that a third of Dutch people use the holiday allowance mainly for which it was introduced—their holiday. 43% of these people said that without this money they couldn’t go on vacation. The amounts spent on vacations, often correspond to the amount of the holiday allowance.
Others (20%) use this money as savings and 14% of the respondents use it to pay their debts or past due accounts.
32% of the respondents spend between 501 and...
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Together Abroad01-05-2016 8:02 PM

Recently, a Hague employment agency has been fined €229,850 for non-compliance with the Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance. Additionally, two executives of the agency were fined €108,000 and €44,050 respectively. Also, the agency has to still pay affected workers that have not received their wages and holiday pay. Inspectorate SZW (Social Affairs Inspectorate) has finalized the long-term investigation successfully.


In June 2012 the SZW did an audit of a Hague employment agency. It was expected that the owners of the office had implemented the laws and regulations loosely. From that moment inspectors began an extensive administrative investigation into violations of the Minimum Wage and Minimum Holiday Allowance. Recently, both the company, and the two executives have been fined.


The investigation concerned the incorrect payment of 29 employees who worked on behalf of the agency. Thus, six people were underpaid because they were not paid their vacation days. For 15 employees, the employer was unable to produce documents that it paid wages, paid holiday allowance and showed the hours worked. Incidentally, all 29 employees did not receive holiday pay even though they were entitled to it.

From the outset, the Inspectorate to the investigation also involved the managers...
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