High Skilled Professionals Regulations in the Netherlands

Highly skilled professionals (or ‘knowledge migrants’ as they are known in the Netherlands) can be divided into two separate groups, whose regulations can often be confused with each other.

  • So-called ‘Search Year’ students who have graduated from a Dutch University or University of Applied Sciences
  • High skilled professionals

Job seeking year regulation for foreign graduates

International students from outside the EU/EEA who have successfully completed a degree in the Netherlands can remain in the Netherlands for an additional year to look for a permanent position as a Highly-Skilled Migrant. However, they must be able to financially support themselves during this job-seeking period and will not be eligible to receive benefits from the Dutch state during this time.

Graduates must change their status through the IND to 'verblijf gedurende zoek jaar afgestudeerde' and will therefore not be required to have a work permit during this year.

Graduates who find permanent employment as a Highly-Skilled Migrant within a year will be eligible for a residence permit.
The income requirements have been revised effective as of 1 January 2012:
Highly skilled migrants from the age of 30 € 51.239,-
Highly skilled migrants younger than 30 € 37.575,-

The costs of the procedure conduct € 331,-. For more information please go to the website of IND.

High skilled professionals and labour migrants in the Netherlands

Highly-educated, foreign nationals who have obtained a minimum of a Master's degree can obtain a residence and work permit in the Netherlands in order to find a job as a highly-skilled migrant or to start an innovative company.
Graduates that qualify for this scheme must have completed a degree at a university listed in the top 150 of two internationally recognized rankings, published in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings powered by Thomson Reuters. Those who have completed a Master's degree or obtained PhD at a Dutch institution for higher education also qualify for this scheme. The highly-educated migrants will be able to make use of this scheme until three years after the date of graduation. Highly skilled migrants will also have to score at least 35 out of 40 points:

  • Master's degree: 25 points and a
  • Ph.D: 30 points.
  • Ages of 21 and 40: 5 points.
  • Previously experience in NL: 5 points
  • Knowledge of Dutch or English languages: 5 points

The Admission Scheme for Highly Educated Migrants allows for foreign nationals to seek employment in the Netherlands. List of companies IND allowed to hire the knowledge migrants

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