Settlement agreements and redundancy * CV / Resume

van Orsouw03-12-2021 11:01 AM
As businesses continue to reorganise, we see an increasing number of questions about settlement agreements and forced redundancy. Evaluating settlement agreements is more complex for internationals who, in addition to their employment must also consider the impact of redundancy on their residence rights. Here are some of the key points for attention and top tips.

Terminating an employment contract through the court/UWV is time-consuming and expensive for employers. Therefore, many employers who need to reorganise their company will try to minimise dismissals by using an alternative process called termination by mutual consent. This is where the settlement agreement comes in.

Termination by mutual consent
In this process, employers ask selected employees if they are willing to terminate their employment voluntarily in exchange for a predefined package: a settlement agreement. This package can deviate from standard employment law, and may offer additional pay or benefits.

Interested employees are offered the settlement agreement and if they accept the offer, their employment will be terminated by mutual consent. Employees who decline will continue their employment without change.

If insufficient employees accept, the employer may move to forced redundancy.

Forced redundancy
In a forced redundancy, your job ceases to exist. You therefore cannot choose...
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van Orsouw21-09-2021 3:26 PM

We are going French! Join our French Candidate Weeks

Une escapade en France… en restant aux Pays-Bas. Vous y trouverez croissants, baguettes et macarons ! Durant la quinzaine du 27 Septembre au 8 Octobre, nous organisons un rendez-vous de l'emploi pour les francophones, par des francophones. Vous pourrez écouter des leaders d'opinion et des experts qui partageront leurs connaissances sur des sujets tels que : Les différences culturelles entre la France et les Pays-Bas Le CV aux Pays-Bas Le droit du travail néerlandais ou encore, Comment utiliser LinkedIn efficacement Cet événement se déroulera entièrement en français et vous y rencontrerez d'autres francophones résidant aux Pays-Bas.

Le planning :
Sur Place (Offline)*
14h45 - 15h00 arrivée sur place (à confirmer en fonction des règles sanitaires)
15h00 - 16h00 Atelier
16h00 - 17h00 Rencontre avec un recruteur

En Ligne (Online)
14h55 - 15h00 Connection des inscrits
15h00 - 16h00 Atelier
16h00 - 17h00 Rencontre avec un recruteur
*Nombre de places disponibles en fonction des mesures sanitaires en application aux Pays-Bas

Les Ateliers:
Droit du travail – les différences entre la France et les Pays-Bas par Wiebke Bonnet-Vogler
Date: Jeudi 30 Septembre
A: Bureau Undutchables à La Haye
S'inscrire Sur Place
S'inscrire En Ligne

Différences culturelles...
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Together Abroad15-06-2021 3:52 PM

How do you leave a good impression, for example at a job application or at another important meeting? Professor of social psychology Roos Vonk wrote a book about how first impressions work and how people try to make a good impression. We picked out 10 practical tips to help you make a good impression.

The 10 tips

Tip 1: Understand how people make a first impression
In most cases a first impression is made automatically, without thinking about it. For example, we quickly know whether someone is confident or shy, spontaneous or closed, friendly or unfriendly, impulsive or indecisive. We deduce these things, for example, from what people do and say, the way they move and talk, their appearance and clothes. Our impression of a person is the result of an interaction between stereotyping, vague intuitions based on body language and external features and conscious reasoning and consideration. We are also influenced by the context and our interests, wishes and goals. And we take into account that people sometimes pretend to be something other than they are.
The fact that we do this so imperceptibly also has its drawbacks. We can of course be wrong about someone. Often we do not even realise it....
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Together Abroad28-04-2021 12:46 PM
How to start an international career

If you came to this website and are reading this article, you are probably looking for a job outside your home country and looking for an international career, right? Building an international career abroad is a long-term process that can bring you many great experiences, benefits and personal satisfaction. However, it also demands hard work and complete dedication.

International careers do not just happen. They are planned carefully and built up over a while. It is a fundamental fact that international employers want you to have an international experience before sending you to work abroad. So, you need to plan ahead.

Keep in mind that everything needs a lot of effort, focus and determination. So, here are some tips for you to succeed in an international career:

Choose a place
First of all, you might already have a destination in mind. Think about what makes you an asset to a particular region. Foreign language skills are a natural first step, but if you want to apply directly to a job in another country, ask yourself where your skills and background will be most attractive to potential employers. There are job opportunities everywhere, but that...
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Together Abroad06-04-2020 3:25 PM

Getting ready for your Future Proof Job

From Career Transition
Feel supported during the transition and focus positively on your next career step.

To Your Future Job
Together we find and secure the right opportunity, quickly and effectively.

By Having Expert Support
Get direction in an increasingly complex and fast-paced job market. Our outplacement services are built around your needs with your own Expert Career Coach.

Surviving the storm and riding the perfect wave

We have the experience and flexibility to build a tailored outplacement solution that works for you. Personalised, flexible, results focussed and fit for the modern job search

A personalised, results focussed outplacement programme. Coaching is supported by access to a wealth of online resources, and support with onboarding into the new role

A highly personalised programme with unlimited 12-1 support from your Personal Career Coach via telephone and Skype over an extended period.

A dedicated Personal Jobhunter will assist you with the job search, CV, Cover letter & LinkedIn writing, but also job hunt on your behalf to jobs that are relevant to your profile.

Let’s get Started
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Together Abroad27-11-2020 4:17 PM

Not available all spots taken.
Free Career Development Advice with government subsidy

Are you looking for another job and don't know what your competences are, where your interest lies and what your chances are in the job market?

Do you have an Dutch BSN registration nr? Then this free Career development Advice subsidy good work work for you..

Through the Dutch learning subsidy you can follow from 1 December 2020 a free coaching program.
The subsidy will be reopened to 50,000 people.

Intake and labour market scan
The program starts with a telephone intake and a labour market scan. In the telephone intake we discuss your situation and what your question is. 
You will receive an online questionnaire with a report that shows what your competencies are and where your interests lie.
The development process then consists of 4 hours of coaching. In the conversations we get to work with:

Where are you now: who am I and what can I do?

What does your situation look like and what are the possibilities for the future?

Your next steps

Which functions and possible training courses suit you

Together we draw up a development plan that includes the next steps, what action you need to take and what you need to...
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Together Abroad24-11-2020 2:33 PM
An outplacement trajectory for Non-Dutch speakers with Together Abroad

What is an outplacement trajectory?
During an outplacement trajectory you go through different phases to come to a new, fitting job. At Together Abroad all trajectories have five phases, which you go through more or less extensively depending on your personal situation and needs.

What the trajectory will look like exactly, you determine in coordination with your personal coach. Because YOU are central to us! Then, during the outplacement trajectory, a planning is made. So that we can find a new and suitable job for you as soon as possible.

Together with the coach you will increase your self-knowledge during the outplacement trajectory and you will work on the technique of networking, finding vacancies and drawing up a resume.

We also offer a coaching guarantee. In other words: you will be coached until you are actually at work and have been able to take a step.

Do you want to know what we can do for you? Contact Together Abroad outplacement Suppport for free or call +31622966737

Steps of our outplacement program
During our outplacement process, you will go through the following steps:

1. Dismissal processing
Most candidates recover from the fright before...
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Dutch News21-11-2020 11:21 AM
SURVEY : Expat partners are an untapped source of highly-skilled labour

A survey of people who moved to the Netherlands to be with their partners who either lived or were posted here shows seven in 10 gave up their career or business to relocate. And despite claims that the Netherlands has plenty of jobs for international workers, almost seven in 10 said not speaking Dutch was a problem when trying to find a job.

‘Even though the official work in all the tech companies is done in English, the culture within the organisation compels you to learn Dutch or else you will not be interviewed,’ one Indian national said. ‘A completely qualified Java developer will not be considered if they don’t speak Dutch or have English as their native language. I am fluent in English but still I never get called back.’


In total 960 people took part in the survey which was carried out by the International Community Advisory Panel in early 2020, before coronavirus struck. Many of the respondents too said their difficulties in finding a job had left them depressed and unhappy, and having relationship issues. The research showed respondents were looking for work in a...
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van Orsouw02-07-2020 10:59 AM
It is not easy to get employed by reputed concerns and candidates are expected to pay attention to every small aspect. A professionally written resume increases the chances of being given preference over other applicants. Unfortunately, even experienced professionals who have spent 5 years or more in their respective fields do not know which points to include the resume. Employers usually reject candidates who put in a lot of information that is not needed.
Let us have a glance at the tips you should use to prepare efficient resumes. By following them, it would be much easier to clear the initial scanning round and move closer to getting the opportunity. In a nutshell, if you presented your academic details / professional experience correctly, the chances of ending up with the offer letter would be much higher.

1. A paraphrasing tool helps you in submitting a unique resume

People who are applying for their first job may not even have a basic idea of preparing a good resume. One has to know about the layout, the format used to present academic details, listing down experiences, and countless other aspects.
To get an idea, candidates use templates available online or an existing...
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For an expat moving to the Netherlands, getting the right direction is very important. It's important that one knows which steps and direction to take. Linda is an exceptionally talent counselor, her advice has helped me land a job within a week of coming to the Netherlands. I am grateful for her mentoring and look forward to a great working relationship in the future.

Dr. Hrishiraj S
Clinical Research & Affairs Manager

I approached Linda via TogetherAbroad for outplacement services in order to transition to a new career role. Throughout a time period encompassing several months, Linda provided expert advice on personal branding including developing a top-notch, market-aware CV, highly tailored job applications, and approach strategies with potential employers in the Netherlands. Furthermore, I found Linda to be highly knowledgeable in key related fields such as recruitment strategy, immigration law, contracts, labor agreements, and (un)employment benefits. Last, but not least, Linda is a great person with a lot of empathy for her clients, and it was a pleasure to work with her. I would recommend her to anyone who needs professional help with transitioning to a new career.

A. Aboufirass
Structural Engeer

Linda is a big mind. She thinks about things that the rest normally overlook. The insight she has about the dutch job market can only be achieved through years of experience and persistence.

Her business savvy is complemented by her mastery of understanding the client's needs and requirements. For my career I could say, she was the “Mary Poppins”, who guided me through thick and thin and helped me to land a career in the Netherlands

S. Bhattacharjee
FP&A Manager