Outplacement Agency for Expats, Highly Skilled Migrants, EU and non-EU candidates and Non-Dutch speakers in the Netherlands

Are you facing redundancy as an Expat or International in the Netherlands?


Are you a non-Dutch speaker who has lost or will be losing your job? Do you want to quickly find a new and satisfying job in the Netherlands? Together Abroad is an Outplacement agency that will be the answer for you. At Together Abroad, we specialize in outplacement services for non-Dutch speakers, highly skilled migrants, and internationals. Our packages are the most complete in the Dutch market, providing career coaching, executive search, CV writing, LinkedIn review, and job hunting on behalf of our clients to jobs that are relevant to their profile. We are committed to helping you find a future-proof job that suits your needs and qualifications.

During your outplacement trajectory with Together Abroad, you will go through five phases to come to a new, fitting job. Your personal coach will work with you to determine what the trajectory will look like based on your personal situation and needs. You will go through phases such as dismissal processing and applying for your WW benefit, self-analysis, labor market orientation, job hunting and personal/online meetings, and aftercare. We understand that job hunting can be overwhelming, especially in a foreign country. That's why our job coaches are here to help you every step of the way. We screen job offers/vacancies and approach potential employers directly on your behalf. We also assist with applications and continuously seek and repeat contact with potential employers to find the perfect job for you.

My name is Linda van Orsouw, CEO and founder of Together Abroad, and my team and I are dedicated to assisting you towards a successful outplacement journey.
Contact us for a free intake at +31(0) 06 47917330 or via email at L.van.orsouw@togetherabroad.nl
Let's work together to find your future-proof job in the Netherlands.

How can we help you?

For more than 15 years Together Abroad is an Outplacement Agency for Expats, highly skilled migrants, Internationals, and non-Dutch speakers in the Netherlands.

Our consultant understands the world of highly skilled migrants, Internationals, and non-Dutch speakers and have developed a technique to assist you in your job search such as: screening job offers, tracing unpublished vacancies and approach potential employers, jobhunting, etc. The consultant also assist you with job applications and will prepare you for the coming job interviews 

Our outplacement Services are:
• Highly personal and tailored services
• Careful assessment and pairing with the appropriate coach
• Effective tools and a proven approach 
• Access to the Dutch job market information, advice and leads
• Ability to conduct an international job search campaign
• Outcomes focused
• On-going support
• We support you in getting hired with a success rate of 95%.
• Access to Togetherabroad Job Board with many multiligual vacancies. When using this job board you will be alerted about new jobs.
• Through our enormous network among employers in the Netherlands, we will find your next job.

If you have been offered an outplacement service, or to start your outplacement programme please contact Together Abroad

Linda van Orsouw Founder Together Abroad 
LinkedIn & recommendations 
We assist you towards a future proof job
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Together we find the job that works for you

In consultation with you, we will come to a fully customized approach, and this may include the following elements: 

  • Dismissal processing and applying for your unemployment benefit
  • Self-analysis
  • Labour market orientation
  • Active jobhunting 
  • Aftercare

How we work

  • Every individual is different and our outplacement services will reflect that personal approach.
  • Personalized and Customized approach: Our on-demand outplacement services is driven by your needs.
  • On-demand outplacement servicest: You will have a dedicated, experienced, peer-level consultant working with and for your role.
  • Your consultant will be available via One-on-One support (Face to Face or via Teams/Zoom/Skype) or a location to suit you.

What is outplacement & what does an outplacement service do?

When an organization makes the tough decision to lay off employees, an outplacementservice  is one of the most important parts of any severance package they offer. Outplacement is a service offered to employees who have lost or will be losing their job to help them quickly find a new and satisfying job. Outplacement is a benefit offered by responsible organizations to help former employees quickly find a new job in the job market.

Outplacement services for Expats, Highly Skilled Migrants and Non-Dutch speakers in the Netherlands include career coaching, resume and CV writing, interview preparation, referrals to hiring managers and targeted job leads.
We specialize in Outplacement Services for you (non-Dutch speaker) to find the right job. Our​ ​outplacement packages are the most complete in the Dutch market. We are the only company that not only provides services like career coaching, executive search, CV writing, LinkedIn review but also job hunting on behalf of our clients to jobs that are relevant to their profile.

Outplacement Services for Expats and non-Dutch speakers with Together Abroad

During your outplacement trajectory for Expats and non-Dutch speakers,  you go through different phases to come to a new, fitting job. At Together Abroad all trajectories have five phases, which you go through more or less extensively depending on your personal situation and needs. What the trajectory will look like exactly, you determine in coordination with your personal coach. Because YOU are central to us! Then, during the outplacement trajectory, planning is made. So that we can find a new and suitable job for you. Together with the coach, you will increase your self-knowledge during the outplacement trajectory and you will work on the technique of networking, finding vacancies, drawing up resumes and cover letters, and applying for positions.

During our outplacement service, you will go through the following steps:

1. Dismissal processing and applying for your WW benefit.
Most candidates recover from the fright before they (can) look to the future again. During this phase of the outplacement trajectory, the acceptance of the dismissal is central.
We assist you in applying for your WW benefit via the UWV portal and inform you about your rights and obligations.

2. Self-analysis
Who am I, what can I do and what do I want? The answers to these questions form the basis of your search for a new job. You will start working with a clear profile of yourself. That profile includes your expertise, skills, and competencies. But also from an overview of branches, organizations, and functions that suit you.

3. Labour market orientation
What does the job market look like, which vacancies are there and which ones appeal to me? For many candidates, it has been a while since they were looking for new work.

In the meantime, the labor market has changed enormously.
During this step, we are going to work with (new) resumes a distinctive motivation letter, new LinkedIn profile, application training, an elevator pitch, personal branding, interview training, and the use of social media.

4. Job hunting and personal/online meetings
Our job coach screen as well as job offers/vacancies. An important part of the outplacement process is tracing unpublished vacancies.
To find new (non-public) vacancies, our job coaches approach potential employers directly (by LinkedIn or e-mail ). The job coach can also assist you with the applications.
We continuously seek and repeat contact with potential employers.

5. Aftercare
Finally, after the outplacement trajectory, you often have found a new job or are busy with it. In the last phase, you have regular contact with your coach to tell how it goes. You can also contact your coach for questions about the contract, probationary period, and terms of employment.

For an expat moving to the Netherlands, getting the right direction is very important. It's important that one knows which steps and direction to take. Linda is an exceptionally talent counselor, her advice has helped me land a job within a week of coming to the Netherlands. I am grateful for her mentoring and look forward to a great working relationship in the future.

Dr. Hrishiraj S | Clinical Research & Affairs Manager

Together Abroad provided expert advice on personal branding including developing a top-notch, market-aware CV, highly tailored job applications, and approach strategies with potential employers in the Netherlands. Furthermore, I found them be highly knowledgeable in key related fields such as recruitment strategy, immigration law, contracts, labor agreements, and (un)employment benefits. I would recommend Together Abroad to anyone who needs professional help with transitioning to a new career.

A. Aboufirass | Structural Engeer

Linda is a big mind. She thinks about things that the rest normally overlook. The insight she has about the dutch job market can only be achieved through years of experience and persistence.

Her business savvy is complemented by her mastery of understanding the client's needs and requirements. For my career I could say, she was the “Mary Poppins”, who guided me through thick and thin and helped me to land a career in the Netherlands

S. Bhattacharjee | FP&A Manager

If you are going to enlist the services of a "Career Coach" look no further. The only person you want in your corner is Linda van Orsouw. As an expat, you absolutely want to work with a highly skilled and knowledgeable professional who knows their way around the Dutch career/employment/job market. Linda assisted me in writing and positioning my CV, helped me organize and prioritize my list of opportunities, coached me through mock interviews and was there when I got offered a senior position only 2 months later. When asked I will only refer to Linda and "Togetherabroad".

Mr. C. Joubert
Lead Workplace Strategy Consultant 


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