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Together Abroad19-04-2017 3:44 PM
Salary negotiations remain an issue when you start a new job. After all, what income can you really ask for the job position?

These five Dutch companies do it differently: “All salaries and bonuses are public”.Transparency is the new buzzword. The idea is, an employee who knows where he or she stands, is a happy employee. It works in one of these ways:

1.Basic salary for everyone to be increased by well enough sales:

Law firms are often known for their hierarchical, hard structure. Law firm Bruggink& Van der Velden do it differently, says labour lawyer DaniëlMaats. The lawyers are actually all entrepreneurs within the company. We work with a flat organizational structure in which each employee (including the secretary) has an equal voice.

The salaries are public. In principal, every lawyer earns the same base salary. Then if you are good enough in making sales at a self-determined rate, you will receive a percentage on top of the base salary.

2. Salary and bonus on the wall:

Also, the consultancy company Prowareness works with fixed salaries for certain functions, and with public competencies that must be met in order to take the next step.

“We have in our office...
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Together Abroad19-04-2017 8:06 AM
A “between jobs” seems to be a solution for employees with a flexible contract that want to have more stability. A four-year contract with asaving pot for training – the supermarket sector is going to try it.

Politicians and economists have been debating for a while: flex to be less flexible and fixed to be less fixed. But attempts to ensure this seem not to succeed (enough).Employers and trade union CNV think they have now found a solution: “the between job” for the supermarket sector, which is popular for side jobs. You get a four-year contract and money for training, to prepare for another profession.

More Stability

For supermarket employees this will offer greater stability and it provides a bridge between “training/education money” to a new job. The supermarkets themselves are attractive and employers do not offer additional fixed contracts, which have a high price tag.

The idea of the “between job” option comes from a working group on the future of the industry, and is equally embraced by both employers and the trade union CNV Professionals. Both parties have agreed to go into concrete agreements on the plan. Since last week, unions and employers started to negotiate a new...
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Last year, three people worked in an office in Rijssen (Twente), but now the electronics brand TRNDlabs have workers in Brazil, Ukraine, Serbia, Morocco and Slovenia. Founder Gerard Nieuwenhuis tells us what it is like to work with staff in different time zones.

Nieuwenhuis had difficulty finding suitable staff near the headquarters of his company. “During 2016 we grew a lot and we noticed that it is difficult to find affordable international talent around Twente”. Because the company had 95% of revenue (2 million in 2016) from abroad, it is very much internationally oriented.

Cheaper Candidates

The salary plays a role, says Nieuwenhuis. The company was looking for someone to work on customer service - which does not require higher education. But because of the many international customers the applicant had to speak English. “There are also many candidates in the Netherlands, but soon they become better-educated candidates who demand more pay. Finally we found someone in Brazil”, says Nieuwenhuis.

Attractive Employer

His company, despite its location outside the Randstad, is still an attractive employer. The biggest advantage for new staff: you can have location-independent work, so you have a lot of freedom. “I see many of my peers find...
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Together Abroad14-04-2017 12:17 PM
There is a welcome bonus of 5,000 Euros for new Dutch or English teachers. Schools are increasingly offering high premiums to attract teachers, reports De Telegraaf. A school in Katwijk might even offer 10,000 Euros for a maths teacher.

According to the job site Meesterbaan, maths teachers are most wanted.Head-hunters and agencies dig for CVs of mathematics teachers by sifting through on sites like LinkedIn, and they send unsolicited e-mails in which they offer jobs. The need is very high in some cases.

Mathematics Teacher

Andreas College in Katwijk offers 10,000 Euros to a grade one mathematics teacher, according to DeTelegraaf. The Dutch Association of Mathematics Teachers agrees that a working group should be set up. The chairman of the association for the newspaper said: “Yet another huge offerof money does not help,the shortage of specialist teachers remains”.

In education there are an unprecedented number of vacanciesat this moment. On the site Meesterbaan there are thousands more jobs to find than a year ago. The deficiencies in primary education are the greatest. But also first degree teachers are in demand. There is particular demand for teachers of mathematics, Dutch, English and physics.

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Together Abroad11-04-2017 10:45 PM
HR professionals are doing well in the market. In 2016 there were 37,763 jobs posted. That is an increase of 24.2% from 2015, as calculated by Jobfeed, based on unduplicated data from 192,562 job placements. The greatest demand in this field is for recruiters at 46% of the number of vacancies, followed by 31.5% in the operational part within this field.

The most HRM jobs are in the Randstad: North and South Holland together account for nearly half of the vacancies. Utrecht and Noord-Brabant are aggregating another 25% of HR vacancies.

Employers are looking for HRMs especially with a bachelor’s degree (HBO Dutch). 25.3% of the jobs require an HR professional at vocational level and only 4.3% want a scientifically literate HRM.

HR is also advancing online. The most important buzzword in the job is ‘social media’; other commonly used terms are ‘talent manager’, ‘sourcing’ and ‘branding’.

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