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Together Abroad08-12-2017 6:17 PM

In spite of the fact that the business climate in our country has improved, the Netherlands has dropped four places in a World Bank ranking on the ease of doing business. The Netherlands now occupies the 32nd spot on the list of the development bank. The score is 0.51 points higher than last year, but other countries scored even better.

Thailand, for example, took the Netherlands spot on the list, and the South Asian country is now on the 26th place. The Netherlands must further endure France and the Czech Republic at positions 30 and 31, respectively. The top three countries are New Zealand, Singapore and Denmark. Somalia, Eritrea and Venezuela can be found at the bottom of the list. The list is not entirely certain. For example, war-torn Syria is on the list and Suriname scores a little higher.

However, among other things, the Netherlands scores high on the possibilities to trade with other countries. The World Bank also recognizes how positive it is that a company can easily be set up in the Netherlands. Though, there is a low score on the possibilities to get a loan. Furthermore, the protection of small shareholders can be improved, and it...
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Together Abroad08-12-2017 6:13 PM

“What have you learned from your past job?” This is a very common interview question and it is considered important despite its straightforward nature. It lets potential employers tune into how well you learn from your past experiences – mistakes and other situations that arise in your life.

I, for instance, learned a great deal about dealing with people while working on a social project as a research assistant, and how to handle difficult requests from those who might be a bit irritated when approaching me. I learned that staying calm during confrontation is a must, and that arguing back with anyone in a professional setting does not help solve anything. Ultimately, it is just a matter of keeping a professional demeanor and helping your clients to the best of your ability – despite the mood they might be in. This is what I learned.

While I was there I got the opportunity to interview many people and hand in filled-in surveys with sensitive information. I was incredibly nervous in the days leading up to it, despite the fact that I knew the people I was interviewing were most likely perfectly pleasant and not scary in the least. However, this...
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Together Abroad08-12-2017 6:08 PM
Have you ever come across a job description that involves the word “talent”? Talent management is used to describe an organization’s commitment to recruit, hire, retain, and develop the best talented employees from the job market. Businesses use this strategy to attract top talent, assuring potential employees of the opportunity to develop professionally.

Finding companies that want to work with talented employees is becoming more common as companies understand how talented people can make a positive impact and a change in their organisation. Candidates who want to work with these companies can showcase their talent during an interview conversation.

The Interview

Preparation for an interview is key. One relevant part is to know yourself, and knowing the answers to questions like — how well do I accept direction and feedback? Do I work well under pressure? How motivated am I? Do I really want this job? Do I want to lead or follow? Etc. — will help you know where you stand on your career path and whether the job you are considering is right for you. Furthermore, being able to answer these questions confidently will help reveal your talents during an interview, because the interviewer will get to know...
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Together Abroad08-12-2017 6:00 PM

Although youth unemployment is no longer at the lofty level of the crisis years, many young Europeans continue to face a lack of good jobs, writes the International Labor Organization (ILO) in a report published Tuesday.

The ILO assumes that youth unemployment will also fall next year, thanks to favorable developments mainly in Eastern European and Southern European countries. But compared to older generations, the chances for young people on the job market remain considerably behind.

The UN agency also notes that in Eastern Europe, the disadvantage in the labor market of young women compared to their male peers has only increased in recent years. In the rest of Europe, the opposite is the case.

Young people make up an estimated 35% of the unemployed population worldwide. A total of 70.9 million young people are unemployed. "That is an important improvement compared to the peak of 76.7 million in 2009, but the number of young unemployed people is expected to rise by 200,000 next year," according to the ILO.

The ILO also concludes that in the last decade, youth unemployment was mostly raised in the finance, trade and health sectors. Furthermore, there is less and less demand for young people...
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Together Abroad03-12-2017 8:32 AM

Entrepreneurs in medium-sized enterprises (SME) are more positive about 2018 than owners of smaller and larger companies. They have higher expectations of sales, exports and employee strength, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) this Friday in a report with results from the Netherlands Business Survey on the fourth quarter.

A stable, almost 36% of SMEs expect an increase in turnover in 2018, compared to 25% in small businesses and 32% in large companies. Exporters and SMEs are also more positive about exports and staffing levels than in small and large companies. In the area of investments, especially entrepreneurs from the retail trade and construction sectors are expecting slightly more growth in 2018.


Out of all sectors, the construction sector is the most positive for the fifth quarter in a row, despite the decline compared to the third quarter. Then business confidence in the construction was 33.5 points. At the beginning of the fourth quarter the indicator is 10 points lower at 23.6. The decrease is mainly due to a less positive development of the realized production in recent months.


The wholesaler has the least confidence with a decrease of more than 10 points. In the third...
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It has been a long journey since I arrived in The Netherlands, and I want to thank you for being available to receive me, believing in my profile and thank you for all your support, and I express my wish to keep our contact. I followed all your guidelines and recommendations, and I succeeded! Thank you for your best attention, let's keep in touch

Helder Costa

I would like to thank you for your great job to make my CV presentable and truly reflecting my knowledge and experience.
With your highly professional advices and support I felt more confident and eventually I got a job.

Tanya Pelser

Thank you to both yourself and Irina for a great workshop this morning, it was refreshing to hear some really basic ideas for the Dutch employment search which I'm sure will help start everyone off on a new career path! I will definitely be using the services of Together Abroad and one of my first actions is to revise my CV and submit this for a review.

James Stopford