Are you facing redundancy as an Expat or International in the Netherlands? * Daily employment news

Together Abroad11-10-2021 4:43 PM
Are you facing redundancy as an Expat or International in the Netherlands?
It’s not an easy situation if you suspect you’re about to be made redundant, or if you already have been. And so ‘now what?’ is the foremost thought running through your mind. Change is coming for you and maybe for your family, and transitions aren’t easy or straightforward. The challenge is always insufficient planning to prepare you mentally and tactically with the right blend of skills and knowledge.

That’s why outplacement services are all about creating a real, actionable plan for you that helps you secure the next move in your career as you exit your current organization. This plan maximizes your chances of quick success to the next stage of your career.

What Outplacement Services Should Offer You as an Expat
We understand that redundancy is a tough thing for you as an Expat or International to face especially within a foreign country. If you are the employee-facing redundancy, you definitely need support to secure a new job. But you also need a company that is an expert within the Dutch Labour market and support you with all questions with regard to unemployment. What are the regulations if you wish to...
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van Orsouw21-09-2021 3:26 PM

We are going French! Join our French Candidate Weeks

Une escapade en France… en restant aux Pays-Bas. Vous y trouverez croissants, baguettes et macarons ! Durant la quinzaine du 27 Septembre au 8 Octobre, nous organisons un rendez-vous de l'emploi pour les francophones, par des francophones. Vous pourrez écouter des leaders d'opinion et des experts qui partageront leurs connaissances sur des sujets tels que : Les différences culturelles entre la France et les Pays-Bas Le CV aux Pays-Bas Le droit du travail néerlandais ou encore, Comment utiliser LinkedIn efficacement Cet événement se déroulera entièrement en français et vous y rencontrerez d'autres francophones résidant aux Pays-Bas.

Le planning :
Sur Place (Offline)*
14h45 - 15h00 arrivée sur place (à confirmer en fonction des règles sanitaires)
15h00 - 16h00 Atelier
16h00 - 17h00 Rencontre avec un recruteur

En Ligne (Online)
14h55 - 15h00 Connection des inscrits
15h00 - 16h00 Atelier
16h00 - 17h00 Rencontre avec un recruteur
*Nombre de places disponibles en fonction des mesures sanitaires en application aux Pays-Bas

Les Ateliers:
Droit du travail – les différences entre la France et les Pays-Bas par Wiebke Bonnet-Vogler
Date: Jeudi 30 Septembre
A: Bureau Undutchables à La Haye
S'inscrire Sur Place
S'inscrire En Ligne

Différences culturelles...
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van Orsouw12-07-2021 4:32 PM
On a very nice, recognizable list of 14 things that characterize successful people. Where do you recognize yourself?

What do successful people do?

1. They know when to go on with something and when to stop. Some things never work out. And sometimes all it takes is a different approach or a little more perseverance. They make the right choices in time.

2. They do more than is asked of them. Success is only achieved by adding value to others. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

3. They don't think failure is a problem. The route to success is never a straight line. It is a path of trial and error. Every failure is an opportunity for growth. Failure is part of the process of succeeding.

4. They know it's up to them to achieve something great. Continuous development and hard work are important ingredients to achieve something beautiful.

5. They know what they want and work purposefully. If you know what you really like and you can focus on it very well, it becomes much easier to actually realize it. Simple.

6. They always take responsibility for themselves and their own actions. For them, it's not about what someone else does. It's...
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van Orsouw12-07-2021 9:52 AM

Everyone has a little voice in his or her head. A voice that can say nice and unkind things. Sometimes it helps you but unfortunately it can also undermine you. How do you make sure you keep saying the right things to yourself? What habits make you more confident? How can you easily and in a fun way increase your self-confidence? Great questions with 7 great answers....

1. Compare yourself to yourself
Why compare yourself to someone else? No one in the whole world can be better you than you are yourself. When you don't compare yourself to anyone else, you become who you are. Then you make sure to focus on the best and the most beautiful in yourself.

So make it a priority to follow your own development and keep improving yourself. When you notice that you are growing, your worries will naturally diminish.

Michael Jordan, the best basketball player of all time, often said that he trained so much to beat himself. To become better himself. A wonderful approach. So compare yourself to yourself and discover the opportunities to grow further. There are plenty of them!


2. Be kinder to others
When you are kinder to others, you will look at yourself differently....
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van Orsouw23-06-2021 10:09 AM
Work and home cannot be separated: go for tailored work happiness

Happiness is receiving increasing attention in science and in the workplace. For example, the multidisciplinary research and knowledge institute EHERO (part of Erasmus University Rotterdam) conducts applied scientific research on work happiness within an alliance of leading organizations in the service industry. Within this alliance Erik Bemelmans supports the participating organizations in the design and guidance of happiness interventions that measurably enhance (work) happiness among employees. We asked him, "What is involved?"

But first: why is there so much attention to work happiness these days?
Erik: "That's almost impossible to sum up in one answer. The industrial revolution gave us mass production, efficiency, profitability and unprecedented prosperity. But now we live in a service economy and information society in which other laws apply. We see that with an increase in prosperity, our happiness has barely increased proportionally in recent decades. What's more, in our quest for greater prosperity we are squeezing our planet. This realization does something to our sense of purpose.

The concept of Human Resources is coming under pressure. We have started to see people as a production factor, which we steer by means of assessment systems and job descriptions on...
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For an expat moving to the Netherlands, getting the right direction is very important. It's important that one knows which steps and direction to take. Linda is an exceptionally talent counselor, her advice has helped me land a job within a week of coming to the Netherlands. I am grateful for her mentoring and look forward to a great working relationship in the future.

Dr. Hrishiraj S
Clinical Research & Affairs Manager

I approached Linda via TogetherAbroad for outplacement services in order to transition to a new career role. Throughout a time period encompassing several months, Linda provided expert advice on personal branding including developing a top-notch, market-aware CV, highly tailored job applications, and approach strategies with potential employers in the Netherlands. Furthermore, I found Linda to be highly knowledgeable in key related fields such as recruitment strategy, immigration law, contracts, labor agreements, and (un)employment benefits. Last, but not least, Linda is a great person with a lot of empathy for her clients, and it was a pleasure to work with her. I would recommend her to anyone who needs professional help with transitioning to a new career.

A. Aboufirass
Structural Engeer

Linda is a big mind. She thinks about things that the rest normally overlook. The insight she has about the dutch job market can only be achieved through years of experience and persistence.

Her business savvy is complemented by her mastery of understanding the client's needs and requirements. For my career I could say, she was the “Mary Poppins”, who guided me through thick and thin and helped me to land a career in the Netherlands

S. Bhattacharjee
FP&A Manager