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Together Abroad01-04-2020 6:03 AM

The importance of work – life balance is growing strong nowadays, so is our interest in it. The concept of this phenomenon has gone through major changes. The first understanding of it was the time balance between “work” and “play”, however things are much more complex. The work – life balance is the theory of prioritizing appropriately workstyle with lifestyle, including family, leisure time, personal development, etc. This balance is different for everybody, depending on the needs of every person. Some put great importance on their work ambitions, others emphasize on family development or hobbies and personal time. Thus work-life balance exists individually according to one’s needs. Maslow’s model of “hierarchy of needs” lays out the five levels of humans’ needs that establish and enhance peoples’ motivation and satisfaction.

The first three levels are called deficiency needs that include biological and physiological, safety needs and love and belongingness needs. The top two levels are called growth needs consisting of esteem and self-actualization. Maslow presents the idea that one can reach the higher level of needs once the basic ones have been satisfied. However, in the fast changing information society we live in peoples’ urgencies change on day to day bases....
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van Orsouw01-04-2020 5:37 AM
NOW scheme (wages allowance for employers) is ready! counters almost open ( 31 March 2020)

During the corona crisis, the cabinet wants to protect people's jobs and incomes. Therefore, an economic emergency package was announced on March 17. One of the measures is a compensation for the wage costs for companies that are now losing turnover. The terms of this temporary emergency measure bridge for preservation of property (NOW) have been announced today. UWV strives for companies to submit an application from April 6. Companies that meet the conditions can expect an advance within two to four weeks.

Many entrepreneurs are struggling now that their activities have partly or completely stopped. The cabinet wants to make it possible for them to continue to pay their staff during this period, so that unemployment is prevented and people are retained for the company. That is why Minister Koolmees of Social Affairs and Employment is publishing the NOW regulation today. With effect from 1 March, companies that have lost at least 20 percent of their loss of turnover for three months can receive a compensation of up to 90 percent of their wages in proportion to the fall in turnover. With a loss of...
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van Orsouw30-03-2020 11:37 AM
It is possible to become less stressed if you are following these eight things:

1. Do one thing at a time.
This statement was backed up by relevant research at the Stanford University. The researchers found that “multitaskers were terrible in all three experiments, worst of all the researchers found that when frequent multitaskers attempted to focus on a single task, they used their brains less effectively than non-frequent multitaskers.” Instead of stressing yourself with many things at the same time, focus and finish one thing first, and then move to the next task.

2. Double the estimate of how long anything will take.
Underestimation of the time needed to complete a task brings you unnecessary stress to your life. Instead, you can double the time needed for task completion. For example, if you plan to spend 30 minutes editing an article you just wrote, extend that to an hour, so that you are not rushing to meet that deadline, and increasing your stress without any added benefit. This also helps to minimise mistakes.

3. Stop being late.
If you really want to stop being late, prepare for the next day by getting ready the night before, like packing your...
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Nyenrode Business University30-03-2020 8:49 AM
Silence and noise during the Corona crisis

Professors are streaming lectures from home, students have gone to their parents, when possible, and employees are looking for possibilities to collaborate online. It is quiet at the campuses of Nyenrode Business University.

Everyone is finding their way at home between preparing sandwiches for children, conference calls, writing course outlines and reading manuals about digital teaching. On campus, in Breukelen as well as in Amsterdam, occasionally you come across a student, an employee or a professor looking for coffee, while they focus on a project that they cannot complete from home. Apart from the birds, all they hear is silence. They feel the sun's rays and the breeze while they walk from the library to the Albert Heijn building, or sitting down for a phone call in the garden of the ‘Vijf Keizers’. It is the reality of Nyenrode in times of the Coronavirus.

Times of crisis require acceleration and creativity, at the same time making conscious choices is essential. It creates room for reflection and prioritization. Nyenrode is currently one university with two extremes. Working shoulder to shoulder since last week, the unity and teamwork demonstrated these past days, show that Nyenrode’s...
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Together Abroad05-03-2020 4:36 PM
MBA – The masterplan for your career

Join the QS MBA Event in Amsterdam this March

The key to succeed in today’s business is having the right qualification and a professional network. An MBA from a well-respected, highly-ranked business schools offers you exactly that!
The Master of Business Administration is a renowned management degree that is not only popular with its students but with companies and recruiters all over the world. Its combination of business theory, case studies and networking can upgrade your career to the next level.

Meet Top Business Schools in person

So how can you apply for the MBA and what are business schools looking for in their candidates? Find out more at the upcoming QS MBA Meetings & Networking taking place on 12th March in Intercontinental Amstel Amsterdam. At this free event you have the unique opportunity to speak directly with admissions directors of the Netherlands’s leading business schools as well as of other international renowned programs in 30 minutes personalized meetings..

Participating schools include Amsterdam Business School, RSM Erasmus, ESMT Berlin, IMD, IE, Hult, Rennes Business School, Warwick, UBC Sauder, ESSEC, Goethe Business School and many more.

Your event benefits
• Receive a free personal consultation...
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