Recently we interviewed two Senior Recruitment Consultants from Adams. We talked with Sylvia Lubak, from the Amsterdam office and Audrey Monje, from the Rotterdam branch * Daily employment news

01-05-2018 2:50 PM
Adams Multilingual Recruitment has been established for over 20 years and is known in the international market for placing well-qualified, highly-educated, multilingual candidates in junior, mid-level and senior roles with leading companies throughout the Netherlands.
Recently we interviewed two Senior Recruitment Consultants from Adams. We talked with Sylvia Lubak, from the Amsterdam office and Audrey Monje, from the Rotterdam branch. Sylvia joined Adams in 2010. Her area of expertise is placing Finance and IT candidates with international companies. Audrey joined Adams in 2013. She has 2 specialist fields - Supply Chain & Logistics and Multilingual Customer Service roles. 

What is the motivational driving force in your job?
Audrey: There are different aspects of my job that bring daily motivation. I enjoy interacting with people from different backgrounds, there is always something interesting to learn. It is very rewarding seeing that you truly made someone happy by helping them to find a perfect job. You have provided guidance throughout the whole process, given career advice, tips for interviews, etc. and then finally when that person gets a role you can share happiness with them. But there are also other aspects of this job that I enjoy a lot, like, establishing and...
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30-04-2018 3:54 PM

Why Partner Employment is a Key Issue for Company's Hiring Expats

Why should partner| Spouse employment be a key issue for international employers looking to hire overseas applicants into their business? Well, according to a unique study by the Permits Foundation, titled the International Survey of Expatriate Spouses and Partners, 60% of the global workforce would be 'unlikely to relocate to a country where it is difficult for their partner or spouse to find work'. This was a very expansive study, which took in the views of 3,300 expatriate spouses and partners from 122 nationalities working in 117 host countries.

Therefore, this study deserves to be taken very seriously by international employers and recruiters, because if employers can somehow make it easier for partners to get employment, then their company will become more attractive to international jobseekers. This means you may have an edge over your competition and may find it easier to attract top international talent for your hardest to fill roles.

Partners of expats want to work but struggle to find work

The study also highlighted the extent to which partners of expatriates were failing to find employment when in...
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30-04-2018 3:15 PM
Dear Shimi,

Tell us about your function at Madison Parker job agency?
I am a senior international recruiter, end-to-end responsible for the external global resourcing of candidates for different types of clients who are mostly active in the following industries; supply chain, pharma, engineering, food and agriculture. They're spread across the globe. 

What is the motivational driving force in your job?
Working as a Senior Recruiter at Madison Parker, I am constantly engaged in finding (inter)national talent. In my role, I also act as a business partner and advise my Clients in their staffing needs by building and maintaining a good relationship and business knowledge. I also insist on seeing my candidates face-to-face which is important to determine if there is a cultural fit. This is the only way you can manage the process, and this is my driving force. 

Describe your perfect day on the job.
When I am making people happy! People are very grateful when you find them the job of their dreams. My clients are also giving me a lot of rewards and gratitude when I can manage to deliver the perfect candidate.

How is the Netherlands job market doing and what are the implications for current job seekers?...
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Together Abroad16-04-2018 2:21 PM

How to Be Yourself During Interviews

What does it mean to be yourself? Why is it important in life, in any given situation, or at an interview? If we could go back in time, and see what was happening on a sunny Sunday morning when we were five, we would most likely see a precious child being totally himself or herself, enjoying life as it comes, accepting it with interest and joy. Regretfully, as we grow older, we forget this way of being, and start getting lost in the world of fear and anxiety, which has nothing to do with our true inner selves. “Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be.” —Alan Watts.

The real you is the person you are when nobody is watching, it is the only version of you that feels completely natural, without the masks and pretentiousness. But this person may change as you come across with other people, stressful situations, or groups with different interests. In these moments you may become conscious of what others are thinking about you, feeling tempted to make a pose to impress or to fit in. What is really happening here...
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Together Abroad16-04-2018 2:17 PM

Conducting Work from a Distance

There are different scenarios when it comes to working from a distance—traveling from one city to the next, or one country to another, for a few hours, days, or weeks, or even relocating for a period of time. The key to improving your chances of competing for a job in another location, or conducting work from a distance, is to identify locations or job sectors where your line of work is in high demand.

Search for jobs in your expertise to standout and make your skills more valuable to an organization. Indicate in your CV or interview that you are flexible to conduct work from a distance, and you are willing to relocate. Visit and explore the culture in that location to be sure of your opportunities and surroundings. Eliminate employer concerns about travel costs by considering housing options, or family or friends in that location that can let you stay over (when the employer does not cover relocation costs). Be sure you can afford to move or to take a trip when you are called for an interview.


The organization’s work culture is important to know about if you travel from one city to...
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It has been a long journey since I arrived in The Netherlands, and I want to thank you for being available to receive me, believing in my profile and thank you for all your support, and I express my wish to keep our contact. I followed all your guidelines and recommendations, and I succeeded! Thank you for your best attention, let's keep in touch

Helder Costa

I would like to thank you for your great job to make my CV presentable and truly reflecting my knowledge and experience.
With your highly professional advices and support I felt more confident and eventually I got a job.

Tanya Pelser

Thank you to both yourself and Irina for a great workshop this morning, it was refreshing to hear some really basic ideas for the Dutch employment search which I'm sure will help start everyone off on a new career path! I will definitely be using the services of Together Abroad and one of my first actions is to revise my CV and submit this for a review.

James Stopford