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van Orsouw17-06-2020 6:16 PM

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Now it is time for all of us who navigated this pandemic safely, to face new challenges that awaits us. COVID19 changed all our lives in ways than we can imagine. I began this year in HR by focusing on building critical skills and competencies to meet the digital disruption that was widespread. However, COVID-19 drove an unprecedented transformation in business and ways of working in a very short period of time. The way we lead people, the way we manage our workforce and the tools have to be changed now. In this brief post, I try to share some areas of major change and some key actions that can help this journey for you.

Being a business leader or an HR person during these times is not for the light hearted and require out of the box thinking, resilience and leadership. Your business might have survived the last few months, but if you want to build it from here, it will require some well thought through, concrete actions.

What is happening around us?

It’s important to understand the large shift that's happening in consumer behavior and how business is done. Understand how your customer...
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van Orsouw09-06-2020 10:46 AM

In a recent lawsuit in Amsterdam, a verdict was reached that an employer may not halve an employee’s salary because of the coronavirus crisis. The employer in question had done so because the compensation received through the NOW scheme was too low to pay the full salary.

The employer involved in the lawsuit, who runs a restaurant in Amsterdam, found himself in financial trouble as a result of the coronavirus crisis. In March, he applied for compensation through the NOW scheme and received 60% of the wage bill of January 2020 as monthly compensation. He responded by paying all of his employees 50% of their salary. During the lawsuit, one of his employees demanded the employer paid all of the overdue salary. The judge acknowledged that the exceptional circumstances were cause for unforeseen economic emergency action, but nonetheless proceeded to compel the employer to pay the overdue salary until the termination of the employee’s (temporary) contract.

New employees lead to payment problems

The restaurant is primarily dependent on tourists and therefore saw hardly any business in January and February. The arrival of tourists in March would under normal circumstances have signalled the start of a more lucrative period. For this...
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van Orsouw09-06-2020 10:36 AM

Student with side job eligible for income support through TOFA scheme

TOFA New scheme for flex workers
There will be a scheme for flex workers: the Temporary Bridging Scheme for Flexible Workers (TOFA). The TOFA is intended for employees with a flexible contract, who have (almost) no income and cannot receive a benefit due to the corona crisis.

Minister Koolmees of the Ministry of Social Affairs has directed the UWV to implement the temporary scheme for flextime workers, called the TOFA. This scheme allows flextime workers who have had at least €400 in income in February 2020 to apply for income support of max. €550 gross per month for March, April, and May when the coronavirus crisis has prevented them from making any money during this period. This scheme is therefore also available to students with a side job.

The TOFA scheme has been introduced in order to bridge the gap between flextime workers who are entitled to an unemployment benefit and those who are not. Flextime workers who have made at least €400 in February 2020 can apply for a subsidy of max. €550 per month for March, April, and May. The maximum income in April is set at...
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van Orsouw08-06-2020 8:48 AM

Dismissal on probation
How does the trial period work?
The probationary period is a short period at the beginning of an employment contract in which the employment contract can be terminated immediately by both the employer and yourself. There is only a probationary period if this period has been agreed upon in writing.

Duration of the probationary period
The maximum duration of the probationary period that can be agreed depends on the length of your employment contract. For example, the probation period for an open-ended employment contract may not exceed two months. Even if there is a fixed-term employment contract with a duration of two years or longer, a trial period of two months may be agreed.

If you have a fixed-term employment contract with a duration of less than two years but longer than six months, the probation period may not exceed one (1) month. This is the case, for example, with an annual contract. If there is an employment contract with a duration of six months or less, no trial period may be agreed at all.

Rules regarding the probationary period are strictly applied
Rules regarding probation must be strictly observed by an employer. If this does not happen,...
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van Orsouw06-06-2020 11:27 AM

People searching for a job are not very creative when it comes to completing their LinkedIn account. Strange, because they describe themselves as specialized and focused.And there itimmediately goes wrong: for almost everyone. The site with business profiles published its annual list of most frequently used words with which users define themselves.

According to LinkedIn this shows the difficulty of making a ‘significant profile’. Many people use standard terms, resulting in the following top ten empty phrases: specialized, leadership, focused, strategic, experienced, passionate, expert, creative, innovative, and certified.

‘People find it difficult to distinguish themselves from others’, according to Anoek Eckhardt, PR Manager at LinkedIn. The difference cannot naturally be done by using exactly the same words as the rest of the Netherlands. ‘As a recruiter you cannot do anything with it’,explains Eckhardt.

Numbers Are Magic

‘Recruiters want to know what you are capable of, so explain as specifically as possible what you achieved to each buzz word used’, agrees career coach Aaltje Vincent. It is smart to use words from the job you seek. Namely, the recruiters are searching that as well, but then show that you too can live up to it. ‘Say specifically what distinguishes you over...
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