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ACCESS is a not-for-profit organisation supporting the international community in the Netherlands.
Whether you are working here on an expatriate assignment, have recently relocated, studying or have made Holland your home, then our free information and range of services are here to support you.

Serving the international community for 25 years!

Established in 1986 the Administrative Committee to Coordinate English Speaking Services - ACCESS - in short, was the grass root initiative of the members of the international community in the Netherlands who felt the pressing need for an organisation that would answer their needs, provide peer support and help cope with the challenges of expatriate living.

Today ACCESS has evolved into a dynamic volunteer, not-for-profit organisation that serves the needs and interests of the international community, namely by:

providing guidance, advice, information to help individuals with settling, and/or living and working in the Netherlands,
promoting friendship, understanding and well-being of the members of the international community in the Netherlands
contributing to community development through skill training schemes and courses
serving as a bridge between local and international communities

Well into its 26th year ACCESS has become synonymous with outstanding personalised service, empathy and insight. All ACCESS volunteers, trainers, counsellors, Dutch or international, have been expatriates themselves and know first hand what the extra hurdles are to living away from a familiar environment. They add value to what we do, and how we do it. Just as...
Dutch News

Dutch News is the leading provider of quality Dutch news in English for an international audience.
Some 15,000 people read every day, either online or through a free subscription to its daily digital newsletter.
Our aim is to provide broad coverage of the main Dutch news so that non-Dutch speakers are kept up to date with events. This means we cover all sorts of news, from politics and economic developments to crime and sport.

Our news copy is based on our own years of experience, media coverage, press releases and Dutch newspaper articles and we try to credit and link to our sources as much as possible.

We see our job not only to inform but to explain current events in the Netherlands, so we try to include background where relevant.

Comment and features
Our opinion section includes our own editorials, articles by third parties and translations of pieces published by other Dutch media. All our translations are made with the approval of the writer and/or copyright holder.
We occasionally produce our own features and are open to relevant, news-based suggestions, bearing in mind we have a limited budget.
We do not accept 'free' copy on principle. Commercial organisations wishing to publish sponsored content should contact

Dutch News BV is published by Dutch News BV, an independent publishing company based in Amsterdam. The website was founded in 2006.

Dutch News BV publishes special pdf newsletters to cover the elections, the government's annual budget presentation and other significant events.

Dutch News BV also...
Expatica Communication B.V. | EXPATFAIR

Expatica Communication B.V. | EXPATFAIR

Local news and information for English speaking expatriates living in, working in, studying in, moving to the Netherlands, Holland, Germany, France, Belgium, etc

How one man’s endless wait for a tram in the Netherlands planted the seed for a comprehensive online resource for expats in several countries across Europe:

Fulfilling a need for news in English

Canadian expat Bram Lebo wondered what was going on. He had been waiting at the tram stop for more than half an hour and still no sign of a tram. In fact, the stop was ominously empty that Monday morning in early 2000 and the only other people waiting seemed to be foreigners like him; they weren’t speaking Dutch anyhow. If only he had known – like half of Holland did– that public transport workers were on strike that day.

A local might have warned him that a bicycle was his best chance to arrive at his destination. But since his Dutch wasn’t good enough to understand local radio or read Dutch newspapers, he was left in the dark.

Afterwards, Lebo saw the need to set up a Dutch news and information service in English and by March 2000, he had put theory into practice. Bram chose an online medium so that anyone anywhere could access the service, and for free.

Dutch entrepreneur Mark Welling had been working on a similar idea. He had been running a company specialising in building websites since 1998. The Internet was on the rise and many still didn’t realise the impact that this medium was going to have on society, business and culture in general.

“We had to explain to our customers the effect of the Internet, and part...
Expats Amsterdam

Expats Amsterdam

If you want to live and work in the Netherlands you will need to arrange a couple of things.
Think of a work and residence permit and a home where you will live.
Will you rent or is it wiser to buy a house ?
You also have to deal with the Dutch tax legislation, pensions and social security.

It is pleasant if you have one point where you can go with all your questions and who can
guide you during your stay in the Netherlands.
Daas Consultancy is the guide for expats in the Netherlands.
We have an extensive range of services special for expats.

On this website you will find more about the services we offer for expats in Amsterdam
and surroundings.
There is also a lot of useful information for expats like tax, housing and mortgages.
Hello World

Hello World

Hello World started from a personal experience. At Hello World we are Spaniards who are in love with the world and travel. We love Holland, its culture and people, and we have lived in London and in Holland as Au Pair, studying a Master degree and also for personal reasons. Thanks to these experiences we know what international people need when they arrive to The Netherlands and how to help them with their new adventure.

Hello World started as a personal blog helping people in July 2013 and as a company in January 2014. It was established by Sònia Portillo with the aim of helping people who wants to live in Holland with everything that involves to move to a new country: registration, insurance, bank account, accommodation search, career counseling, language courses and Au Pair programs.

We give all the services in Spanish and English and our services are always personalized and adapted to every client.

We also help companies to find qualified employees for their companies. Due to the crisis there is a lot of qualified multilingual people willing to move to Holland and companies which are searching for someone like them. We can help both parties finding each other.

We already helped a lot of people improving their job search and achieving their goals through our career orientation services and we can already say that our clients have been always surprised about the good and personalized service given by Hello World.

As we give relocation services, career orientation and we publish job offers we can help both expats and companies with all the process that means to move to work to another country.

A part...
Holland Gateway

Holland Gateway

Holland Gateway is the hub for international business in the Netherlands. The services Holland Gateway offers are free of charge and range from; helping with legal papers, advising on business forms, help with making appointments with immigration authorities, chambers of commerce, finding network...
Move to Netherlands

Move to Netherlands

This website aims to provide useful information about expat life in the Netherlands to ease your transition. Extensive information on immigration, working, studying, housing, schooling, taxation, medical, social security, expat life, and many other helpful topics based on the experience of expats to show you the ropes!
XPat Media

XPat Media

XPAT.NL is a site with many points of interest that will make your stay behind the dikes and dunes an enjoyable one and will help you find your way through the jungle of written and unwritten rules, customs, habits and traditions that this country has.

Our aim, at XPat Media, is to be the number one local information source for expatriates living in the Netherlands and those who are looking for general information on Dutch society. We specialize in English-language publications on the Netherlands and books on specific subjects described from the point of view of the expatriate.
Our premier publications are The Holland Handbook, a comprehensive guidebook for expatriates, and, since 1998, the quarterly magazine The XPat Journal.
Thousands of expatriates in the Netherlands and those who are interested in the Netherlands all over the world have learned to rely on the essential information in our books.
See Books for a complete overview of published books and order details. This site offers a secure payment and delivery service.

We have a continuously expanding network of writers, contributing consultants, partners in publishing, distributors of expat information and international organizations. Most of our contributors come from the expatriate community and virtually all publications are written by or in cooperation with international companies and organizations or expats, guaranteeing optimal connection and communication with our readers.