Let's work Together & Be Hired

Need career coaching for you or your spouse to find the right job also before coming to the Netherlands.
My name is Linda van Orsouw, owner form Together Abroad and i will assist you!
Get Coached & Be hired!
Check my profile here for client recommendations, or send an e-mail to L.van.orsouw@togetherabroad.nl

Get Started €995,-

Personal Career Plan
1 month assistance

  • CV rewrite
  • Powerful Linkedin profile
  • Motivation letter format 
  • Inside Local Job market
  • Job Search channels
  • Creating Job alerts
  • Job Boards and Agencies
  • Q&A
  • Daily chat

Be Hired €3795,-

Personal Career Plan 
3 months assistance

  • Coached by the founder from Together Abroad
  • Get Started package +
  • Your Personal Jobhunter
  • Jobhunting/Applications
  • Talent & Capability scan
  • Interview preparation
  • Contract negotiations
  • Daily contact
  • Highly proven success rate

1 Program available for September 


Moving to NL €7995,-

Personal Moving to NL Plan
6 months assistance

  • Coached by the founder from Together Abroad
  • Be Hired package +
  • Relocation Assistance:
  • Visas & Permits info
  • Housing & Accommodation assistance
  • Health care orientation
  • Education systems
  • Insurance orientation
  • Daily contact
  • Highly proven success rate  

What to expect during career coaching session?

Orientation and career development based on practical information about your chances in the Dutch labour market. CV / Personal Profile tips. Job analysis (Best job profiles to aim for) Guidelines on finding a job in the Netherlands matching your education and background.
Tips on different search channels: 

  • Hidden vacancies
  • How agencies work and which should you register with
  • Which internet boards you should check to find a job, matching your profile; 
  • Job search engines
  • New recruitment trends
  • Online recruitment: recruitment via social media esp. LinkedIn, Facebook, Forums...

Additional modules to build your career muscle

CV check, CV rewrite, CV clip we can also translate your CV into Dutch or English
Job interview training
Assistance with Cover / Motivation letters
Assistance creating search agents and RSS feeds for Dutch jobboards and recruitment agencies

If required we can provide you with the list of companies hiring candidates with your profile 
In addition, we can assist you to search for job opportunities and learning options which can facilitate your entrance to your career choice in the Netherlands

Thank you again for your help and suggestions. The career meeting we had in February was very useful and enjoyable and this is definitely due to your positive attitude. I'm sorry I did not tell you before how much I appreciated your work, but I am taking the chance now.


I'd like to thank you so much for your coaching and assistance with my CV.
I've found a great job and I'll start working next month.

Kind regards,

Pedro Vono

Your coach has helped me tremendously with my CV and I will be sending her another revised edition in a couple of days. She was also very helpful and generous with her advice, pointers and lots of ideas about me exploring other job opportunities that are closer to my true interests and passions, so I have lots to think about. Thank you both very much for all your help!

Magdalini Zografou