Job interview questions ICT jobs

When interviewing for a job in IT, aside from the standard job interview questions, this interview will focus strongly on your technical skills and abilities to solve IT related tasks.

As with any technical role, the interviewer will focus in depth on your IT training, achievements, qualifications, work and IT programme experience in order to assess that you are the right person for the job.

Below, we offer a list of questions that are most commonly asked in IT job interviews. It is a good idea to review this list and prepare suitable answers based on your qualifications as an IT professional, while also keeping in mind the general questions and interviewing etiquette guidelines.

When answering the questions, it is advisable to provide details of projects that you have worked on in order to give the interviewer an idea of the areas you are most skilled in.

Remember to keep selling your technical skills for an IT job interview and refer to your experiences and past projects that you have been a successful part of.

Common questions ICT jobs

What are your technical certifications?
Use this as an opportunity to list all your formal qualifications as well as IT programmes that you have worked on and are qualified to work on.
Additional questions on your qualifications include;
What do you do to maintain your technical certifications?
What automated-build tools or processes have you used?
What development tools have you used?
What languages have you programmed in?
What source control tools have you used?
Which technical websites do you follow?

Can you tell me about a project you are most proud of what your contribution was to this project?

It is a problem-solving based job, therefore the interviewer might ask scenario type questions for which you should be prepared to answer with problem-solving and experience-based answers.

Some of these questions might include:

You have been asked to research a new business tool. You have come across two solutions. One is an on-premises solution; the other is cloud-based. Assuming they are functionally equivalent, why would you recommend one over the other?

You have submitted a piece of code that has broken the client's website in production. You have found this bug while you were testing, and nobody else knows about it. What do you do?

You have learned that a business unit is managing a major component of the business using Excel spreadsheets and Access databases. What risks does this present, and what would you recommend be done to mitigate those risks?

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