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By: van Orsouw 02-07-2020 10:59 AM
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It is not easy to get employed by reputed concerns and candidates are expected to pay attention to every small aspect. A professionally written resume increases the chances of being given preference over other applicants. Unfortunately, even experienced professionals who have spent 5 years or more in their respective fields do not know which points to include the resume. Employers usually reject candidates who put in a lot of information that is not needed.
Let us have a glance at the tips you should use to prepare efficient resumes. By following them, it would be much easier to clear the initial scanning round and move closer to getting the opportunity. In a nutshell, if you presented your academic details / professional experience correctly, the chances of ending up with the offer letter would be much higher.

1. A paraphrasing tool helps you in submitting a unique resume

People who are applying for their first job may not even have a basic idea of preparing a good resume. One has to know about the layout, the format used to present academic details, listing down experiences, and countless other aspects.
To get an idea, candidates use templates available online or an existing resume that matches their profile but has been prepared by someone else. For instance, consider that you are applying for a project manager’s job and have no idea about how the undergraduate projects are listed down.

• There is nothing bad about using already written resumes but if you copy content with or without knowing, expect a lot of trouble to come your way. It could be like grammatical errors or plagiarized resumes. These two factors could have a bad impact. So you should check for Plagiarized Content and Grammatical issues before submitting your resume. However, if you think that a section or heading used in an online template can fit in your resume, rewrite it using this paragraph rewriter.

• These rewriting soft wares can save you from unwanted degradation and rejection. Even if you have prepared your resume from the start, using one of these tools would provide you with a confirmation that there are no originality problems with the provided content. It is better to be on the safe side rather than get blacklisted in the professional circle.

2. Do not extend your resume beyond 2 pages

A lot of people have resumes with a length of several pages and they still expect employers to consider them. If you include a description of each project that you have taken at university, a booklet would be submitted instead of a job resume.

• It is important to understand that employers work with a very tough schedule. They need to go through several applications and then shortlist them at each stage of hiring. They glance at each resume, go through headings and decide whether the applicant would advance to the next stage or not. No one would go through seven or eight pages and decide whether you are suitable or not.

3. Having a proper structure help

Every employer has a different set of preferences when he is considering an applicant. It is not necessary that he may want to read everything included in your resume. He may want to jump to a specific section. For instance, in the case of experienced positions, HR personnel do not go through academic qualifications. If someone has been working for ten years, his skillset and completed projects would be most important.

Is it helpful to use resume builders?
Imagine listing down each project you completed at the previous company and then spending hours on formatting. Even the sight causes lethargy. A resume building application simply requires the applicant to enter his details through an online form. These soft wares transform the details submitted into the required format.
• At times, these soft wares include the same career objective for each resume. This is where the applicant can be accused of plagiarism. Hence, even if you are using the best online option, rephrase the content through a rewriting tool. As these software’s reword everything, you do not have to recheck anything manually.

• With resume builders, you do not have to worry about formatting and placement of information chunks. Academic qualifications, employment experiences, skills, and other particulars are automatically presented as individual components. This helps applicants as they don’t have to spend time on information arrangement.

Providing factual information is absolutely mandatory?
Someone who is considering you for a position will use the details in the resume for both personal and professional judgment. Also, it is ethically expected that you do not exaggerate any details. A lot of resume candidates modify theirs according to the requirements of the employer. This act can even prove to be a career-ender. Therefore, make sure that you have not overstated academic qualifications, professional experience, or any other detail.
• Most employers have a process of confirming the information that you have provided. For instance, if you have mentioned holding a Master’s degree in management from a particular university, this data will be counter checked. In a nutshell, the provision of incorrect data does get caught.

Employment competitiveness has always been there and only the best applicants make it through. A lot depends on what you include in your resume and how the presentation has been done. To begin with, nothing should be copied from a template or someone else’s CV you are using as a benchmark. Other than that, do not include information that may stretch up to pages. The maximum length of a professional resume is two pages.
The use of headings is important so that employers can reach a particular section if needed. For instance, consider that the HR department of a company is not interested in the certifications attained by an applicant and wants to view the employment history only. In such cases, it becomes easier if each section has been defined categorically.
Some people do not include authentic details in the resume. Instead, they overstate their abilities so that the probability of getting hired increases. However, this never happens because employers check each and everything before confirming an applicant.
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