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By: Together Abroad 18-04-2013 8:22 PM
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How To Use Social Media to Find Top Talent For Your Firm

Latest figures suggest that over 90% of employers are using social media for hiring. Why? Because talent shortages and tough economic conditions remain in place throughout the world – including the Netherlands – and social media is an effective new way to find both domestic and international talent at a low price.

This is why employers should get on board with social media hiring or risk being left behind in the war for talent. There are three social media hiring channels that you should focus on and these are: Linked-In, Facebook and Twitter.


Ideally, you would focus your initial efforts on Linked-In as this is the most business focused social network and contains the most detailed professional profiles, making it an excellent hiring tool.

Having built your Linked-In company page and connected your HR team or hiring managers to the company page, you are ready to start hiring on Linked-In. One way to do this is to join several industry/profession related groups and post vacancies on their internal jobs boards, exposing your advert to a massive industry relevant audience.

Alternately, you can search the Linked-In member database using criteria such as job title, location and skills in order to find skilled candidates to fill your posts. You can do far more sophisticated searches for candidates than this, using criteria such as years of experience and level of education, but you need to become a paying member to access these services.


This is becoming a useful recruiting tool in its own right, but since Facebook profiles are more fun based and less business based, they do not contain much professional information and are not good for assessing candidate's skills. But, recruiters are increasingly using Facebook to assess the personality of a candidate, and one study has shown that Facebook can be as reliable as psychometric tests for predicting the job success of a candidate. But, employers should take care when using Facebook to background check as the data itself may not be reliable in all cases.


Lets not forget twitter. The best way to use this as a hiring medium is to advertise your twitter name on your careers site in order to develop a large following of professionals. This will be easier if you have a lot of traffic. Having a develop a twitter following of potential candidates you can tweet your job vacancies to them.

Good luck with your next round of hiring...

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