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Short-term care leave (kortdurend zorgverlof)

Care leave is available to employees that may need to look after a parent, a sick child who lives at home, or their partner on a short-term basis. This leave only applies, however, if the employee if the only person who is able to provide care at that time. While partners and children must be registered at the employee’s address, parents can be registered elsewhere, as is often the case.
An employee can take short-term care leave for a foster child as well, provided they are registered with the employee and a foster care contract has been signed.
Every twelve months employees are entitled to no more than twice the number of hours in one work week. If an employee works 36 hours a week, for example, he/she can take up to 72 hours short-term care leave every twelve months. Employees are entitled to receive at least seventy percent of their salary while on this leave.

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